The Sparkling Oscars: Award Show Jewelry

When it comes to award shows in Hollywood, the whole world likes to make sure to stop and watch. No only do viewers get to take a peek at who is hot and who is not in terms of pure talent and recognition but they also get to watch a rather entertaining show with a good amount of jokes and outside performances. Out of all the awards shows that take place every year, everyone always falls back to the Academy Awards (also called the Oscars due to the trophies themselves) as being the greatest in terms of entertainment value, star rewards, and being a huge event unto itself that people can talk about for days to come. However, at the Academy Awards, many people seem to focus a great deal of time and effort on the red carpet ceremonies. Famous individuals parading along the red carpet at the Oscars provides certain insight into the realm of Hollywood that the show itself is actually very limited in presenting—the fashion of course! The fashion selections of all the stars and starlets shows what trends are up and coming in the world of the rich and famous, and they can even help show ideas in your own life for your own fashion choices, especially if you can create these styles through your own devices.

While the lists of best and worst dress vary every year depending on which fashion critic you turn to, many of these critics will admit that it is the overall look of an outfit that really can make or break things. The clothing choice itself is important but accessories (particularly of the bejeweled kind) are vital to the success or failure of a star’s Oscar appearance. Jewelry is a necessity at the Oscars as it is a special occasion and jewelry is the best way to highlight a hair style and a clothing style all at once. When it comes to the Academy Awards in terms of jewelry, diamonds are always the reigning piece. Diamond rings can be a great way to accent a look without overwhelming it. You should note that many of the women wearing diamond bands choose the as fashion selections rather than reflecting a marital status. To brighten the innate white shine of diamonds in ring form, many select a sapphire and diamond band that allows a dual reflection. In terms of necklace fashion, diamonds are embraced in full format with a Diamonds by the Yard necklace choice which looks like a floating line of countless diamonds. These diamond station necklaces really ramp things up at the Oscars and can do it for you too!

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