Nature and Animal Jewelry for Outdoor Lovers

Roaring Lion Charm Pendant Necklace 14k Yellow Gold by Allurez.

This summer is looking different from past summers and although many of our travel plans may have been cancelled, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our summer in other ways. Many people are taking this time to enjoy being outdoors by taking hikes, walking trails, having picnics in parks, camping and being outside with their pets.

While we try to avoid large crowds, more and more people are instead building their connections with nature and the earth. Many things in the world may look different now —such as no crowded concert venues, less highway traffic, the hustle and bustle of big cities have slowed down, no more packed clubs or bars — but nature hasn’t changed. And while many other things are unpredictable at the moment, it’s calming to know you can depend on nature to always be there.

For those who enjoy embarking on outdoor excursions, we’ve rounded up some nature-inspired and animal-inspired jewelry pieces. Whether its flower earrings, a necklace featuring an animal, or a bracelet designed with leaf motifs, nature-inspired jewelry is a tribute to the earth we should respect. Some even prefer to simply gravitate toward earthy tones (like browns and greens) in their jewelry rather than symbols.

Many designers have featured similar animal or nature designs in their collection (don’t forget Versace’s iconic lion) and there’s sure to something to please everyone.

It’s also very common to see animal-inspired jewelry on celebrities, who seem to be big fans of the style. Singer Mariah Carey is even known for her love of butterfly jewelry pieces and who can forget the stunning lion necklace made of South Sea cultured pearls, cabochon and circular-cut emeralds and brilliant-cut diamonds that was owned by the late actress Elizabeth Taylor. Everything from snake necklaces, butterfly earrings or bangles with reptiles on them have been spotted on Hollywood’s elite, including Julianne Hough, Kate Blanchett and Naomi Watts.

Diamond Butterfly Drop Earrings 14k White Gold by Allurez.

One of the most popular animals used in jewelry is the lion, shown in this lion’s head pendant. Aside from its connection to the astrological sign Leo, the “king of the jungle” is said to represent majesty, strength, courage, justice, and military might. Most recently “Knives Out” actress Ana de Armas was photographed in public wearing a necklace that had a special meaning. It featured two medallions: one was a lion for “strength” and the other was a moon for “growing.”

Lion’s Head Pendant Necklace 14k Yellow Gold by Allurez.

Men’s Lion Head Ring 14K White Gold by Allurez.

Another popular animal featured in jewelry is the snake. One of the oldest symbols that repeatedly appears in the Bible, the complex figure means different things to different cultures. It can represent death, destruction, evil, a penetrating legless essence, and/or poison. For those reasons some people retrain from wearing anything that features a snake. However, it’s also believed to symbolize charm, danger and sexual energy.

Serpents and snakes are also said to represent fertility, a creative life force, rebirth, transformation, immortality and healing.


Diamond Eyed Snake Fashion Ring in 14k White Gold .03 carat by Allurez.

We’re also a big fan of vine leaf jewelry, like the way a vine leaf necklace sits on your neck, or how a vine leaf ring wraps around your finger. One of Meghan Markle’s favorite rings was a gold style ring featuring a leaf-like detail that delicately wraps around two fingers.

Emerald Olive Leaf Vine Fashion Ring 14k White Gold by Allurez.

Diamond Olive Vine Leaf Necklace 14k White Gold by Allurez.


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