June Birthstone: History and Meaning of Pearls

june birthsone pearlJune is a special month: summer is just around the corner, folks are getting married left and right, and barbecue season can finally begin again. What’s not to love? But lest we forget, June is also a distinctive month for jewelry—it’s one of the few months with multiple birthstones: alexandrite, moonstone, and our favorite, pearls.

Loyal readers may recall that, contrary to popular belief, there is more than one variety of pearl. Every pearl is formed in the same way, when an irritant is caught (or intentionally placed) inside a mollusk and slowly covered in layers of nacre, but there is a wide variety of different colors of pearl that can be produced. This is due to a host of variables that affect each pearl’s development, from water quality to nutrient supply and more.

Over the course of history, humans have invented all kinds of stories to explain just how pearls are formed, the significance of their coloration, and even what kind of mystical properties these beautiful jewels might possess. Many ancient Greeks believed that when the love goddess Aphrodite (Venus, to the Romans) was born from the sea, she wept with joy, and from her tears came the first pearls. The Japanese have a similar tradition, claiming pearls to be the tears of nymphs and mermaids. Chinese folklore has a much different story, crediting dragons’ brains with creating pearls; when dragons battled in the sky, pearls would fall to Earth.

Considering how wildly disparate their mythical origins are, it’s fascinating how similar pearls’ supposed mystical properties are from one culture to the next. Though the specifics obviously vary, pearls have represented love, purity, and marital bliss. Pearls are also supposed to offer protection to those who are pure of heart. Hindus in particular have a strong tradition of pearls in marriage; as one story tells it, Krishna discovered the world’s first pearl and gave it to his daughter on her wedding day. To this day, Hindu women often wear a pearl nose ring to ensure their marriage is long and happy. Astrologically, pearls are linked to Cancers, and are often said to be connected to the phases of the moon as well.

Pearls have one of the richest histories of any precious stone. Whether or not you believe in their supernatural significance, pearls are still a vivid symbol of love and affection. Wearing pearl earrings or bracelets isn’t just for your grandmother—it’s a beautiful way for anyone to bring a little more love into their lives. We’re pleased to offer our new line of pearl rings, pearl necklaces, and more to add some classic style to your collection. Browse our selection of pearl jewelry today, and show the one you love the true depths of your adoration!

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