Jewelry Care Tips for the Summer

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You should always take good care of your jewelry but the summer time requires a bit more attention to your jewels than usual because sun, sand and salt exposure can cause some real wear and tear to your most precious gems.

All throughout the summer we’re chilling by the beach or pool, and forget that it can take a toll on our engagement rings and other treasured pieces of jewelry. So we’ve compiled a list of some tips for taking care of your precious jewelry in the summer time so that it stays sparkly and good. It’s also a smart idea to visit a jewelry for a cleaning to make sure your jewelry shines long after the summer ends.

Stay clear of chlorine or salt water! It’s always best to remove all fine jewelry before going into a hot tub, swimming pool or anywhere with salt water, like the beach. Saltwater and chlorine can eat away at the metal alloys in your jewelry, causing it to look tarnished, and can discolor metals, such as gold and platinum. It slowly erodes the finish and polish of your gemstones so take off your jewels before dunking into the water, and just make sure that you store them somewhere safe.

Don’t wear jewelry when applying sunscreen, any kind of lotions, and when in the shower because the products will create a coating on your jewelry, which reduces refractive and reflective light, and makes the gems look dull and lifeless. The lotions can also build up over time and loosen the prongs holding in the stones of your wedding ring. If you want it to spark as always, don’t let your skin products get onto your jewels. To avoid this, leave your fine pieces at home if you’re heading to the beach or the pool and if your gems are colored, skip wearing them in sunlight altogether. Bright light and high temperatures can fade the color over time, particularly on stones that have been treated.

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Wipe jewelry done after wearing them by using a clean, soft, slightly damp cloth that will remove any lotions that may have stuck on. This will enhance the jewelry’s luster.  Also, clean your pieces of jewelry in a secure location away from a sink, where items can easily slip down the drain and then be lost forever.

Store your jewelry in a clean, dry place rather than somewhere in direct line of sunlight and heat.

When you’re not wearing them, it’s best to keep your jewelry in a jewelry case lined with fabric, or in a box with compartments and dividers to prevent pieces from scratching each other. For example, a diamond pendant can scratch a pearl necklace, or a bracelet can get caught on a necklace. Especially when you’re traveling, always pack jewels in individual soft cloth pouches or lined jewelry boxes to prevent scratching, dulling, and tangling of chains. If you can’t find a pouch or box you can prevent bracelets and necklaces from tangling by threading them through a straw. You can also wrap each item in tissue for added protection.

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Get a cleaning. After the summer season, take your jewels to a trustworthy jeweler for a professionally cleaning so that you maintain the luster and sparkle of your jewelry. If you look at the back of your rings and can not see light coming through the setting, then it might be time for a professional cleaning. Light through the stones is what creates the sparkle in your jewelry. Also keep in mind that as much as you’ll try to keep your jewelry clean, sweat and lotions will eventually get onto the items you wear frequently so before any type of cleaning, you should have the items checked for repair. 

Let the kids play with the sand. As much fun as it is to bury someone in the sand and make sandcastles, be sure to remove your rings and bracelets first. Even the finest sand can act like coarse sandpaper and scratch your gems. When selecting jewelry for the day, take into consideration your schedule of activities. Thinking through your plans ahead of time may remind you that leaving some of your jewelry items at home and safely stored away is a better idea than taking it with you and risk it getting damaged.

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Fingers swell in heat and shrink in cold water so even if your precious diamond rings feel snug on your fingers while you’re laying out in the sun, they’ll loosen up when you get into water. Be sure to take them off before swimming so they don’t slip off. A lost ring is the worst kind of ring.

Never leave fine jewelry unattended on a lounge chair or the beach or pool, or in a hotel room. If you’re gonna have valuables with you, make sure you choose a place to stay that has a safe deposit box available.

Don’t sleep with your jewels. Remembering to take your jewelry off before heading to bed might not be a top priority for you, but it should. Sleeping in jewelry wears down the settings and can result in loosing the backs of earrings or gemstones in your sheets. If you want to make sure  your jewelry stays in good condition, take everything off before bed and wipe it down with a soft cloth to remove the oils from your skin. Most people keep a small dish or tray on their nightstand for their jewels.

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