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How to Self-Clean Your Jewelry at Home Jewelry Tips

As the world combats the coronavirus pandemic people are focusing more and more on hygiene to prevent the spread of germs, but the truth is that most people overlook the kind of bacteria that can settle on jewelry that is not cleaned properly. In reality, the jewelry we wear comes in contact with everything our hands and bodies come in contact with, including germs and...

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Diamond Summer Flip-Flop Pendant Necklace 14k Rose Gold by Allurez. Jewelry Tips

You should always take good care of your jewelry but the summer time requires a bit more attention to your jewels than usual because sun, sand and salt exposure can cause some real wear and tear to your most precious gems. All throughout the summer we’re chilling by the beach or pool, and forget that it can take a toll on our engagement rings and...

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Jewelry Tips

It’s new, it’s shiny and it’s yours. A new piece of jewelry, a prized valuable bauble – they  make you bubble with excitement, pride and joy. From the first time you wear that new diamond necklace, to the umpteenth time you clip on your gemstone earrings, the care you give each piece of fine jewelry is ultra-important. Now that you’ve spent the time selecting and...

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