Sideways Cross Meaning

sideways crossFor generations people have chosen to wear jewelry that features the symbol of the cross. From a simple gold cross pendant to an elaborately etched cross with diamonds and gemstones, cross jewelry including cross necklaces, earrings and rings. Recently jewelers have been taking cross jewelry in an entirely new direction…. including the latest trend…the sideways cross.

There are several interpretations of the meaning of the sideways cross. This sideways cross, which lays horizontally, attached to a chain or ring shank, has a number of meanings depending upon your religious orientation. These include:

  • Represents a well-grounded individual who recognizes their place in the world
  • Signifies Jesus Christ carrying the cross, or represents the cross laid on its side after Jesus Christ had risen
  • Symbolizes the wearers readiness for the coming of the Lord
  • Epitomizes earth and humanity
  • Designed as a fashionable way to display a cross

Of course the choice of wearing this timeless sideways cross is yours alone. At Allurez we present it to you as a unique, fashionable way to display this beloved symbol.

Worn as a representation of faith or a benign fashion statement, the sideways cross is here to stay. Although it may be a ‘tipping’ point for some, wearing a sideways cross is definitely keeping the faith when it comes to the latest trends.

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