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Sagittarius Disk Zodiac Bracelet 14k Yellow Gold from Allurez.

Zodiac jewelry is a personal trend that we’re seeing everywhere these days.

“When it comes to jewelry, the unique, the sentimental, and the bespoke are continuing to trend, but lately, it’s actually the stars that are speaking the loudest,” said InStyle magazine. “When it comes to personal pieces that everyone seems to be clamoring for, zodiac signs have quickly become the most requested on the market.”

“That’s part of the charm of zodiac jewelry: The ability to walk that fine line between personal and obscure, without falling too much into either camp. While your sun sign may speak to you on a certain level and hold a good amount of meaning, it’s less specific than a name or monogram etched into a similar piece.”

Give your pendants a cool twist by adding zodiac symbols and stones that correlate to the birth months of each sign. Or if you’re more of a ring person, wear one that has your zodiac sign in 14k gold. Regardless of personal style, it’s possible to find the perfect zodiac ring, zodiac pendant, or bracelet to add to your jewelry collection.

Diamond Leo Zodiac Disk Pendant Necklace 14k White Gold from Allurez.

Leos are the most confident of the zodiac signs. Jennifer Lopez is a Leo, as well as Madonna and Mick Jagger. So why do they exude so much confidence? Yahoo! Life explained:

“Leo is ruled by the sun—a big, hot, fiery ball that’s always expanding. The sun is our literal source of vitality here on Earth and Leos make sure to radiate the same kind of energy, not only to pump themselves up but to share that warmth with everyone they love. Leos prefer to exist in the center of the universe but remember: They need to give energy just as much as they receive it. A Leo who loves you won’t ever let you forget it.”

Diamond Aquarius Zodiac Disk Ring 14k White Gold from Allurez.

Diamond Scorpio Zodiac Constellation Star Ring 14k Rose Gold from Allurez.

Libra Zodiac Diamond Bracelet 14k Yellow Gold from Allurez.

Libras, on the other hand, “can use a regular ego boost,” Yahoo! said. The publication added, “Our watery babes are just too sensitive for this world sometimes. Though Pisces is ruled by the planet Jupiter, which is associated with all things big, expansive and bold, their Jupiterian ability to see all sides of every situation leads them to see both the best and the worst in everyone, including themselves. Pisces are extremely intuitive and don’t have it in them to push through the awkwardness if they can tell someone isn’t feeling their vibe.”

Pisces Zodiac Diamond Pendant Necklace 14k Yellow Gold from Allurez.

Taurus Coin Zodiac Pendant Necklace 14k Yellow Gold from Allurez.

Cancer Coin Zodiac Bracelet 14k White Gold from Allurez.

According to astrologer Lisa Stardust, your horoscope influences your fashion choices more than you think. She told InStyle that for Cancers, “layers are perfect,” and that those born under this sign “like to protect their hearts and energy to ensure happiness.”

Regarding Libras, she said, “that “monochrome sets and outfits will help Libras maintain and find their balance” and for scorpios she thinks “A classic black slip dress and combat boots is not only sexy but totally on point for Scorpio’s goth tendencies in fashion.”

Capricorn Zodiac Diamond Pendant Necklace 14k White Gold from Allurez.

Gemini Coin Zodiac Pendant Necklace 14k Yellow Gold from Allurez.

Diamond Aries Zodiac Constellation Star Necklace 14k White Gold from Allurez.

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