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#20 For the couple that reads the nhappy coupleewspaper together  Contact your local paper to take out a full-page ad. Cozy up to a special breakfast in bed and catching up on your local current events. Patiently await your future fiancé’s eyes to light up as she comes to the best news she’s ever read!

Expert Tip: Make sure to do this proposal in the morning as the whole town is sure to find out before 10am just by reading the paper if you wait too long and may ruin your surprise.

#19 For the theatrical enthusiast couple
Contact the production team and/or stage manager of your favorite play or musical and have the engagement incorporated into an added bonus scene at the end of the performance!

Expert Tip: Alternatively, you can do this at the movie theatre and have the theatre run a film of your proposal before the movie starts.

#18 For the couple that travels togetherYoung-Woman-Packing-Suitcase-1024x683

Propose on the next trip you plan to take together but
when she will least expects it….at 35,000 feet! When you’re on the plane, use the loudspeaker system to propose to your fiancé. You of
course must run this plan by your wonderful flight attendants.

#17 For the couple with their inner kid still in them 

Remember the glow-in-the-dark star stickers you use to post to your ceiling as a kid? Us too! They were the best! The great thing is on a white ceiling it is hard to notice them until you turn the lights out. Spell your proposal out on the ceiling and when you go to bed and turn off the lights, experience the most memorable star-gazing session of your life!

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 6.02.13 PM#16 For the couple that does puzzles together

Have a custom jigsaw puzzle made with your proposal written on it. Put it in another box of a puzzle with a similar color scheme so she will have no idea! Then when you two have completed the puzzle enough to where they can read it  that is your queue to get down on one knee!#15 For that Northeast couple that loves nothing more than watching the leaves change colors, raking them into a big pile and then jumping in!

Rake the leaves in his or her yard to spell out your proposal.

 #14 For the Christmas enthusiast couple

Use Christmas lights to write your proposal at the entrance to the house you will be celebrating Christmas eve at. This is great because you can have all your family and friends waiting inside to celebrate a very special Christmas eve.

#13 For the animal loving couple

Surprise gift a new pet  to your significant other and tie the ring around its neck
#12 For the American loving Forth of July enthusiast coupleScreen Shot 2016-05-17 at 6.05.31 PM

Invite all your family and friends to a Forth of July BBQ followed by a fire work show at night. Work with a professional to set up a  message in the fire works during the grand finale!

#11 For the Halloween Enthusiast Couple

Invite your family and friends over for a Halloween party and host a  jack-o-lantern carving contest. Have your guests bring pre-made jack-o-lanterns to be reveled and judged later in the party.  Have the back sides of pumpkins spell out your proposal and have your fiancé be the judge and make sure she does a full circle around the pumpkin display she is “judging!”

#10 For the couple that’s always  going to so many events with photo booths

Make a sign where one side says something funny and on the other side says “Will you marry me.” Give the sign to the photographer before the reception starts. Ask your fiancé to go take some fun pictures and half way through the set of pictures switch the sign around to the “Will You Marry Me” side. She will have no idea until the picture is printed. When you collect your picture and she notices the sign, that’s when you get down on one knee.
: Find a place with a photo both that prints out those strips of photos and half way through the set pull the ring out and propose. The whole thing will be caught on camera as a wonderful keep-sake! 

Colorado-Granby-Ski-Resort-Wedding-36-1024x683(pp_w980_h653)#9 For the couple that loves to ski and or snowboard

In the morning before you get ready to head to the mountain, offer to go heat up the car. Scratch your proposal into the ice on the windshield on the front of the car. If there is ice already on the car perfect! If not poor a light coating of water over the windshield and etch your proposal in once it freezes.

 #8 For the workaholic couple

Plan a very special dinner for you and your fiancé but then have her co-workers schedule a last-minute meeting at the end of the day so she will have to cancel. Then when she goes to enter the conference room be waiting there with flowers filling the room and romantic music, propose, and then you can actually go to that special dinner afterwards!

#7 For the couple that works at a school together

Go into school earlier than him or her one day and decorate their entire classroom as well as write “Will you marry me?” on the chalk board. When she gets to school be waiting in her classroom for her with the great surprise.

 #6 For the couple that works in a hospital together

 Page him or her STAT to see a patient. Use an empty room and hide under the covers in the bed. When they go to pull down the covers, they will be so surprised to see you. Jump out of bed and get down on one knee.

  #5 For the avid reading coupleScreen Shot 2016-05-17 at 6.09.05 PM

As a present one day bring home a “new book” you think he or she would like.  Replace the outside sleeve of a hard cover book with a summary of your love story ending with “Will you marry me?” When you give her the book and she asks what it’s about tell
her to read the summary on the back cover. When she gets to the end…get down on one knee.

 #4 For he athletic couple

Plan to go to a spinning class together and coordinate your proposal with the instructor.  Cause a problem so that the two of you get to the class a little late that way you will have to enter the room when the lights are already turned off. Have all your family and friends there wearing glow in the dark shirts that spell out “Will you marry me?” Because you are late you also have to sit in the last row, so your message will be perfectly legible when your fiancé goes to get on her bike!

#3 For the Couple that loves to cook together

Schedule a private cooking lesson at your home or a cooking school. Have the instructor prepare the dish in advance with “Will you marry me?” written on the plate. When the instructor begins to explain what you will be making he will then say  “Let me show you how it should turn out.” At that point he will bring out the plate with the proposal and that is when you get down on one knee.
Added Bonus– you two can then enjoy the wonderful meal the professional chef has prepared after she says yes!

#2 For the Beach Bum Couple Write your proposal on a piece of paper and roll it into a
bottle with a cork. One day without her go to your usual spot on the beach and bury it in a well-marked spot in the sand. Have her dig
there to prop up an umbrella or build a sand castle and find the bottle when she does.
Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 6.12.17 PM#1 For the High School sweat heart couple  
At your next high-school reunion coordinate to have her name tag say Mr. (YOUR LAST NAME)  when she takes her name-tag and sees the mistake and goes to correct the reunion organizers…get down on one knee.


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