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Being a millennial, I feel as though everywhere I look my peer’s parent’s and even my own parent’s are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. Furthermore, many of my peers are getting married themselves, and can’t help but look for advice on how did they do it? How did they make it to 30 years, and how will they continue to love, adore, and support each other for the next 30 years + ?


The first piece of advice my parents gave me was to never sweat the small stuff but also to NEVER forget an anniversary! That being said, I wanted to know some of my mother’s favorite anniversary gifts a long the year’s AND what she was expecting for their 30th.


For their first wedding anniversary my father started my mother a charm bracelet. Boy, was that a great idea! For every special occasion, anniversary, etc he had an easy go-to gift and was creating a beautiful memento for her to grow with throughout their marriage. I love this beautiful Toggle Bracelet with a starting charm of a Diamond and Sapphire Horshoe on it. What a magnificent first wedding gift, that also doesn’t break the bank!



For their 5th: My mother’s grandmother had recently passed away and she inherited her beautiful diamond ring. My father utilized a stone reset program, and had her amazing center diamond made into an incredible necklace that my mom wears almost every day, keeping my great-mother close to her heart. The stone reset program at Allurez is truly incredible! It is the perfect way to transform your old settings or stones into stunning new jewelry designs.


For their 10th wedding anniversary my father had significantly grown in his career and felt it was time to get my mother a new engagement ring. When they had first been married, he had just graduated from professional school and was just starting off. He felt it was time to get my mother something of higher value and to symbolize his commitment to her after 10 years, and 3 children later. He told me he was looking for a diamond ring that was either 3 Stones, symbolizing their three beautiful children, or 5 Stone, to symbolize us all. He ended up getting her this magnificent 5 Stone ring, similar to this Diamond Ring Anniversary Band in 14K White Gold from Allurez, seen bellow.

For their 15th Anniversary, my dad stuck with diamonds yet again. But this time, with two beautiful diamond studs. He remarked, “Diamond’s truly are a girl’s best friend there is no way to go wrong with a gift containing diamond’s.” At Allurez, you can design your own Diamond Stud’s or select from a range of gorgeous Pre-Set Diamond Studs, like these gorgeous, 4- Prong Basket Diamond Stud Earrings, seen bellow, which can come in 0.25 Carat to 4 Carat.




For their 20th Anniversary, my father gave my mother the most beautiful watch with Diamond Quartz, and even had it engraved with a special note on the back. I love Allurez Women’s High-Tech Ceramic Fashion Watch which is Swiss made and comes in several different dial colors. Its absolutely stunning and looks like a million bucks while still being a very affordable price.

For their 25th Anniversary, my father gave my mother the most beautiful necklace from Allurez’s Diamond By the Yard collection. She wears it layered with her single diamond pendent it looks gorgeous. Her exact necklace was a Diamonds by The Yard Bezel-Set Necklace in 14K Two Tone Gold. What is wonderful about this collection is you can select your Carat amount as well as length of the chain. It is one of my favorite’s!


Finally, on to the magical 30th wedding anniversary! Traditionally for a 30th wedding anniversary one is suppose to gift Pearls! And my dad did exactly that! He purchased the most stunning pearl necklace from I could not believe my eye’s when he first showed it to me! There was a huge selection but as soon as he saw the White Freshwater Pearl Strand Necklace, which is 18inches and 14K gold, he knew that was the one!


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