Diamond Rings of the Rainbow!

Diamond rings have a status that is all their own.  The crystal clear shine in addition to the fact it is the hardest naturally occurring mineral on earth makes it precious, rare, incredibly valuable, and of course beautifully alluring!  However, clear and plain diamond jewelry has reached a cross roads.  While the traditional white diamond is still great to use, many people feel that it has run its course since they have been utilized in personal adornment for centuries.  Why settle for something old when the fashion world demands the new and unique?  Colored diamonds have been around for a long time but they are so rare and hard to find that it was not until recently that they became more available for wide distribution and use in every day fashion jewelry.  Yet, even though these diamonds are of different colors and shades, they still are keeping to being at their best when set within rings like clear diamonds.

Colored diamond rings have their own brand of allure that reflects a sense of beauty along with personal taste and traits of the individual wearing them.  The variety of these diamond rings that you can select depends mostly on the color or shade of your choice based on your wardrobe as well as your outward personality.  A yellow diamond ring is not exactly specific enough since a high percentage of colored diamonds fall into this category.  The bright and brilliant end of the spectrum is the alluring canary diamond ring that exudes joy and happiness with its coloring.  A champagne diamond ring on the other hand puts off a more subtle shimmer with a warm golden glow.  Darker diamonds have their own allure though.  A brown diamond ring is a classy way to complement the right outfit.  The most popular dark colored one though has to be the black diamond ring.  It projects beauty, elegance, and a prestigious style.  Overall, they are all good!

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