Forever Kiss: Hershey’s Kiss Jewelry Designer Jewelry / Proposal / Romantic Tips

While the Hershey’s Kiss has become a staple in the realm of candied sweets, particularly since it is just the right amount of chocolate to sooth most palates without overwhelming them, many people did not expect the emergence of such a novelty onto the fashion jewelry stage.  However, if you close your eyes and think about a Hershey’s Kiss treat, the first thing to come...

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Perfect Colored Diamond Rings for All Occasions Designer Jewelry / Proposal / Rings / Romantic Tips / Unique Jewelry

Accenting your hands with bands for personal adornment is a time honored tradition found in many cultures—especially current popular trends.  While some of the fashionable rings that we wear today would most likely be a distraction during daily tasks associated with hard work that our ancestors probably encountered, we are very lucky to have many advancements which allow the wearing of fancy colored diamond rings...

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Mounds of Colorful Diamonds Designer Jewelry / Gift Ideas / Proposal / Rings / Unique Jewelry

The jewelry fashion world has loved colored gemstones for a very long time.  The concept of colored glass in the place of a real gem with coloring was a very popular one until modern science allowed for longer lasting synthetic stones which are filled with multiple shadings and do not shatter at the least impact.  Yet, diamonds will always be the best precious gemstone available...

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Rings of Royalty Designer Jewelry / Proposal / Unique Jewelry

Every little girl wants to be a princess at some time in her life—whether she simply wants a tiara for her third birthday or if she is a lifetime princess with a fascination for all princess related things.  One little girl who has now grown into a young woman will finally get her wish.  When Kate Middleton marries Prince William, a new generation of girls...

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