Jewelry Tips

How Many Rings Are Too Many? Jewelry Tips

If you are always in doubt about any particular jewelry trend to follow in your day-to-day life, it is always a safe choice to opt for the classics and play safe. However, if you prefer to throw caution in the wind while flaunting the latest trends, you are one adventurous soul who loves to play it rough and off the beaten track! The idea of...

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The Past Is Back! Antique Jewelry For All! Jewelry Tips

Jewelry is never something that goes out of style permanently, but fashions and trends do ebb and flow like waves of the ocean.  Therefore, getting rid of your grandmother’s brooches and necklaces to a pawn shop or a mail order cash for gold business is not the wisest plan.  Because the bejeweled adornment is usually inherited from an older family member, it becomes amazingly popular...

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