What is a Larimar Stone?

Like the Bluest of Skies and Oceans

Found only on one mountaintop on the Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic, larimar is a form of pectolite, ranging in shades from white, light-blue, green-blue and deep blue. Larimar jewelry is often sold as a local specialty throughout the Caribbean. Also known as the Caribbean Gem, the Dolphin Stone, Blue Pectolite, Atlantis Stone, and Stefilia’s Stone, larimar resembles the bright turquoise blue colors of the Caribbean sea and sky. Each larimar stone is unique with no two looking the same, as the volcanic origins of the stone have left if marked with patterns and markings, almost like a marbleized effect.

Soft and Soothing Larimar Gemstones

Larimar is known for its healing properties, and is considered especially important to the throat area, as it is renowned for aiding with speech and communication problems. It is also known to calm fears, reduce tempers, relieve stress and nurture the body and soul.

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