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The term ‘engagement season’ was coined in the US to mark the time period when there is an increased number of engagements taking place. This occurs in the US particularly, but not only, around the holiday season. We’ve compiled the ten most popular days to get engaged, with two of them actually being in February.

Christmas Day

Let’s be real: what could be a better holiday gift than sparkly engagement rings? Christmas Day is by far the most popular day to ask your loved one “will you marry me?” It’s already one of the most celebratory times of the year, most people are off of work (so you’ll have time to organize and enjoy the celebration) and it’s the main gift-giving holiday. Also, most couples are already spending time with their family or friends on Christmas so it’s easy to gather them together for a celebration after the proposal or get everyone together if you want to get engaged in front of them.

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Valentine’s Day

It’s not a surprise that the second most popular day to get engaged is Valentine’s Day, which is a holiday all about love and expressing that to someone you care about. Feb. 14 is considered the most romantic day of the year and isn’t receiving a diamond ring definitely more romantic than a box of chocolates or a bouquet of red roses?

There are tons of pros and cons to getting engaged on Valentine’s Day, for example setting up a proposal at a location might be more expensive on Feb. 14, a lot of times its expected so your loved one might not be surprised and because so many people do it on that day, it’s not so original. Nevertheless, its still extremely popular to get engaged on Valentine’s Day. Some people even propose with a gemstone engagement ring, most popularly a ruby engagement ring, since red is the color of love.

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Christmas Eve

Some families exchange gifts on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day, so it makes sense that many proposals take place on Christmas Eve as well. One idea for a sweet proposal is to pop the question while putting up or decorating the Christmas tree. For an added surprise, why not hide the ring inside a Christmas tree ornament and ask your partner to hang it on the tree? And then just wait for their reaction when they discover the ring inside.

Another idea is to hire Christmas carolers come to the door and sing a festive carol before you get down on one knee and propose.

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New Year’s Day

Many couples like to kick off the new year with a kiss and a proposal. After a late night of attending New Year’s eve parties, one idea is to cook your loved one a beautiful breakfast and serve it to her in bed on a tray that also has the engagement ring.

New Year’s Eve

With so many New Year’s Eve parties underway, it’s no wonder that many proposals occur on this festive day. People usually spend New Year’s Eve surrounded by friends or family members, so you’ll for sure have all the important people in your life with you when you get engaged.

If you’re attending a New Year’s Eve party, try working your proposal into the crowd’s big countdown to the New Year. Tell the other guests of your plan, make sure it’s okay with everyone, and once the group’s countdown reaches “Three, two, one…” have the room go quiet and turn toward your partner and pop the question. Once you get the “yes!” everyone will cheer and shout and the celebrations will continue.

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December 23rd

Are you surprised that the day before Christmas eve is one of the most popular days to get engaged? Sometimes people propose before Christmas eve because they want to celebrate the holidays as an engaged couple. Or maybe they want to do something more private and low-key, because usually people are surrounded by lots of family and friends over Christmas.

Two Saturdays Before Christmas Eve

Couples don’t always want to wait until big holidays to pop the question. During the holiday shopping season, many people are buying engagement rings and it can be hard for some to keep the purchase a secret!

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Fourth of July

This is the one of the dates on the list that’s not in November through February, but it’s easy to see why Fourth of July is a great day to pop the question. Fireworks add to the celebration and so does the great weather and the champagne flowing. Most people have off from work on Independence Day so you have all day to celebrate!

The Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is known to many as the official start of summer and also because it’s an extended weekend, it’s a great time to celebrate an engagement. The long holiday weekend allows couples to have a few extra days to celebrate with family and friends.

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The Saturday Before Valentine’s Day

Many couples just can’t wait until Valentine’s Day to get engaged, or maybe they just want to catch their partner off-guard. Some feel that proposing on Valentine’s Day is a bit expected and obvious, so popping the question the Saturday before adds an element of surprise.

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