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Oval diamond halo engagement ring 14K white gold (1.71CT) by Allurez. Proposal

The term ‘engagement season’ was coined in the US to mark the time period when there is an increased number of engagements taking place. This occurs in the US particularly, but not only, around the holiday season. We’ve compiled the ten most popular days to get engaged, with two of them actually being in February. Christmas Day Let’s be real: what could be a better holiday gift than...

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Cushion Diamond Halo Engagement Ring French Pave 14k W. Gold 0.70ct by Allurez. Engagement Rings

Let’s be real: shopping for engagement rings can be so nerve-racking. Not only are there so many styles to choose from, but when you’re paying that much for something so sentimental and special, you wanna make sure it’s exactly what you (or your partner) wants! That’s why we suggest that a couple shop for an engagement ring together. In the past, men discreetly shopped for engagement...

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Mistakes to Avoid When Buying an Engagement Ring Engagement Rings

So you’ve found your gal and you’re ready to pop the question. Here’s a primer on common mistakes that can ruin that picture-perfect proposal. Avoid these common blunders and chances are, you’ll hear a resounding ‘yes’ when you propose with that perfect ring. Ring size – Proposing with an engagement ring of the wrong size is common. The safest bet is to get one of...

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