What Does Your Engagement Ring Say About Your Personality?

Diamond Halo Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring 14k White Gold from Allurez.

Does the style of our engagement rings have anything to do with our personalities? Well, according to a jewelry store employee in Australia, it does.

An employee at an appointment-only jewelry shop in Victoria, Australia, has made observations about a person’s personality based on the qualities and cuts of their diamond engagement ring. The Australian-accented store employee has now made three videos on the topic, the first of which has already racked up 2.1 million views.

“The round solitaire engagement ring: You’re classic. You love designer, you love the finer things in life. You also love getting drinks with the girls on the weekend,” said the jewel expert. “But, you’re also the mom of the group and need to be back in bed by 9 p.m.”

She said about a woman rocking a trilogy oval diamond ring: “You’re the mom with three kids and a Range Rover. You’re super organized and you throw great house parties.

She also described a wife wearing a pear-cut engagement ring with a halo style saying: “You’ve an unproblematic queen. You got the kindest heart, but you also have a coffee addiction.”

And about owners of a pave radiant engagement ring: “You’re the main character. You don’t ask to be, it just simply falls upon you. You give great advice, but you just don’t take it yourself.”

The jewelry store employee goes on about the same topic in a second TikTok video, which has amassed over 121,000 views, and addressed additional engagement ring styles.

She said about owners of a marquise engagement ring: “You are confident. You are a natural leader. Everyone looks to you for guidance. You also carry around an emotional support water bottle.”

The trilogy ring: “You’re everyone’s big sister. You’re super-loyal and you always have a shoulder to cry on. And your favorite TV show is ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’”

She describes those who have an elongated cushion diamond engagement ring: “You’re timeless with a touch of modern. Your Pinterest board is full of interior design and you love astrology.”

And for wives or fiancees with gemstone engagement rings: “You love nature and adventure. You love animals and you best believe you’re gonna find a way to include your pet in your wedding.”

The “part 3” video has already been watched 35,000 times on TikTok.

Regarding a woman who wears an emerald-cut engagement ring: “You are the businesswoman, the CEO, the side-hustle queen. And you never miss Fake-Tan Thursdays.”

The heart engagement ring: “You will forever be young at heart. You’re the fun one of the group and you can quote almost every Disney movie.”

The princess-cut engagement ring: “You love the beach and summer is your favorite season. You’re also not afraid to tell it how it is, which makes you a really good friend.”

Finally, she tackles owners of the cluster, saying: “You’re super down to earth and genuine. You don’t always like admitting you’re wrong, but you’ve got the best intentions.”


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