Diamond Sidestone Square Halo Engagement Ring 14k White Gold by Allurez.

There are ways to make a diamond look bigger than it is with a few simple tricks.

Pay attention to cut

Of the four C’s (cut, clarity, color and carat), cut is the most important one when it comes to making a diamond look bigger. A diamond’s cut “unleashes its light,” according to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). However, of all the diamond four C’s the cut is also the “most complex and technically difficult to analyze.”

GIA created the four C’s in order to create a universal standard for determining diamond quality.

GIA says on its website: “Diamonds are renowned for their ability to transmit light and sparkle so intensely. We often think of a diamond’s cut as shape (round, heart, oval, marquise, pear), but a diamond’s cut grade is really about how well a diamond’s facets interact with light.”

The better the diamond’s cut, the more light is reflected, and the more brilliant the diamond appears (meaning big in size). To learn more about how a diamond’s cut affects its appearance and size, check out the GIA’s website, where it describes how GIA evaluates a diamond’s ability to interact with light to create visual effects.

Shape makes a difference

Diamond Marquise Halo Engagement Ring 14k White Gold by Allurez.

A diamond’s shape can have a lot to do with how big or small the diamond appears to the naked eye. The round cut diamond is the most popular diamond shape among buyers, but elongated shapes – such as pear, emerald or marquise diamonds – usually appear bigger than other shaped diamonds.

A pear-shaped diamond ( also called a teardrop) is a combination of a round and marquise shape, and has a tapered point on one end. The princess cut diamond has pointed corners and is traditionally square in shape. The emerald diamond shape is cut with rectangular facets to create a unique optical illusion, although asscher cut diamonds often produce more brilliance than the emerald cut. An asscher cut diamond is similar to the emerald cut but it has a square shape with larger step facets, a higher crown and a smaller table.

The long, narrow shape of a marquise diamond (which is shaped like a football) create the illusion of a bigger size, giving you a much larger-looking diamond. Because it has one of the largest surface areas of any diamond shape, it makes it a good choice when trying to maximize carat weight and perceived size. The length of the marquise diamond also makes fingers appear long and slim, and the same can be said for oval diamonds, and pear-shaped diamonds. Oval cut diamonds, with its elongated shape, can create the illusion of greater size.

Add side stones

Cushion Diamond Halo Bridal Set French Pave 14k White Gold 0.84ct
by Allurez.

Side stones enhance your center stone, and makes it look bigger than it is. Consider adding two smaller side stones, or pave stones, along the band. Side stones are very common in rings, especially engagement rings. Depending on the ring’s design, they may be the only detail work on the ring or they may be accompanied by halos, and other designs.

A popular pick for a bride-to-be is a three-stone engagement ring featuring diamonds of the same shape. The biggest diamond sits in the middle and is accented by smaller diamonds on the side. The diamonds most often used in this style are round brilliants, princess cuts and emerald cuts, according to experts.

Also popular are baguette cut diamonds, which are thin rectangular diamonds popular for highlighting the center stone. A baguette can be used as an accent piece to add shine and brilliance to the shape of the center design.

The same goes with adding a halo to the ring, which also emphasizes the center stone.
The halo is a setting that encircles a center gemstone with a collection of round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds, or color gemstones.

A halo of diamonds, or gemstones, helps create a big diamond look and always makes the center stone look bigger to the point where a quarter-, third- or half-carat diamond can look, by some estimates, as much as a half a carat larger, according to sources. Maybe people decide on halo engagement rings for that reason alone.

Choose a thin band

Double Halo Round Diamond Engagement Ring 14k Two Tone Gold (1.38ct) by Allurez.

If you pick a band that thins toward the center you’ll get a dramatic effect that results in the center stone looking bigger than it is. Experts also suggest going for a white metal band. White gold or platinum bands reflect the stone in the metal and make it look bigger. But if you’re deciding between a yellow gold or rose gold band, yellow gold makes the diamond look bigger and brighter.

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