Sleek and Shiny Sapphires! Birthstone Jewelry / Designer Jewelry / Necklaces / Proposal

High class fashion jewelry designers are rather notorious for their love of messing around with a rather large variety of different colors so that the alluring pieces they create can truly stand out and possess the ability to represent a uniquely specialized format of elegant jewelry for your most favorite outfits which you can wear for many kinds of events and occasions throughout multiple years. ...

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Perfect Peridot Jewelry Birthstone Jewelry / Bracelets / Designer Jewelry / Necklaces / Rings

At the dawn of the previous century, a massive group of highly influential jewelers who were educated about all aspects of jewelry chose to create and spread an set list that associated certain precious and semiprecious gemstones with each of the twelve months throughout a year so that people could easily find an assigned birthstone to match their personality and identify their birth month outwardly. ...

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Zoe Saldana: Queen of Bejeweled Fashion Celebrity News / Designer Jewelry / Necklaces / Unique Jewelry / Wedding Bands

The strikingly beautiful and incredibly talented young actress Zoe Saldana has been working very hard to earn her place on a list of dignified and well known actresses in Hollywood.  She has been slowly and steadily working her way up the movie and film chain of prestige for a while, starting out with low budget more independent like films such as Center Stage to more...

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Morris and David Rules the Jewelry Realm Designer Jewelry / Necklaces / Proposal / Rings / Romantic Tips / Unique Jewelry

The realm of high style designer jewelry is a rather fascinating world which is able to balance the old with the new, the classic with the trendy, and the overall sense of tradition with innovation.   With the large number of fine jewelry creators who are already established in the fashion realm, those designers who wish to break into the general business arena can find the...

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