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Diamond Eternity Wedding Ring Band in 14K White Gold by Allurez.

Do you want your wedding band to be unique and different from everyone else’s? If so you have to find something that sets it apart and makes it special to you. That will make all the difference.


It’s not uncommon for wedding bands to be engraved with something sentimental – or funny – that pertains to the couple, like the date of their wedding or a nickname they have for each other. Some people engrave romantic quotes that symbolize their eternal love for each other. Personalized engravings are usually done on the instead of the ring, so they can only be seen once the ring if off the finger, but some people like having their wedding band engraved on the outside as well.

Just keep in mind that if you want a hand-engraved wedding band you’ll probably need even more time because sometimes they can take up to one month to do, depending on the intricacy of the engraving. The price of engravings are usually based on the number of characters you want, the font used and whether it’s a hand engraved wedding band or done by machine.

Matching With Your Spouse

Another thing that’s not uncommon: matching your wedding band with your spouse’s. One celebrity who recently followed that trend is actress Gwyneth Paltrow. She got married very recently to “Glee” co-creator Brad Falchuk and posted a sweet picture of her hands intertwined with Falchuk’s on Instagram, and the picture shows off their matching gold wedding bands.

Keep in mind though that it’s totally fine if you don’t get matching wedding bands. The truth of the matter is that non-matching wedding bands allow you and your spouse to express your individuality and own personal styles. Both of you get to choose wedding bands that you love and that really speak to who you are, rather than settling for one that doesn’t fit your personality. Also, let’s face it, just because it looks good on you doesn’t mean it will look good on your spouse.

Simple or Ornate?

Some people wear their wedding bands more often than they wear their actual engagement ring once they’re actually married. Going about their day-to-date activities, many find the wedding band easier to just throw on and it doesn’t get in the way, like an engagement ring would with its center stone. So when choosing something based on ease and comfort for everyday wear, the question to ask is: do I want something simple or with a stone?

People who play sports, instruments or work with their hands a lot usually opt for a plain, slim and solid metal ring with rounded edged and no gemstones, who can get scratched, fall off or get in the way of their daily activities. If you’re a really active person, then the best choice would be a platinum band, which is extra durable. When scratched, the metal doesn’t wear away.

What’s Your Style?

A wedding band – no matter the design or type of metal, needs to suit its owner’s personal style. A simple and modern bride will pick a wedding band that is just that: simple and modern. Brides who likes to go against the norm and make their other rules may prefer gemstone wedding bands, or maybe even black diamonds. Maybe she wants one with multiple bands even, or a metal different from her engagement ring. And don’t forget the “fancy bride,” who may want something more opulent than plain yellow or white gold to mark the occasion.

Maybe she even wants two bands! recently profiled a newlywed couple and the bride paired her custom engagement ring with two bands–one platinum, one gold. She told the publication, “The mixed metal represents the uniqueness of each of us.”

If you wanna be really unique and personal you can even make your own wedding band, like actress and model Emily Ratajkowski did upon marrying husband Sebastian Bear-McClard earlier this year.

“We made our actual rings,” she told late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon of her thick, yellow gold band. She said that during the 24-hour period between getting their marriage license and getting married in a low-key ceremony at New York’s City Hall, the couple went to Chinatown and bought an ounce of gold that they planned to smelt into their rings. She said, “They were supposed to be temporary rings, but now I’m very attached and I don’t want to get rid of it. I just feel like after making it yourself, could it be more personal? I mean, really.”

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