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Antique Scrollwork Diamond Wedding Ring Band 14k White Gold by Allurez.

There are no set rules when it comes to picking wedding bands. What makes all the difference when deciding on the ring is firstly your budget, but also your style. The latter will largely influence when kind of band you decide on and if you want it to set you apart from others. Do you want yours to be unique? Do you want it to make your engagement ring or be a different metal? Those are the factors to consider.

It seems like the motto for 2018 is “whatever you want.” More and more people are forgetting about traditional, classic looks and going for more avant-garde styles when it comes to engagement rings, like unusual shapes, colorful stones and unique settings.

The latest trend: mixing metals.

Gurki Basra, senior buyer of jewelry and watches at Barneys New York, told Glamour magazine that among the top engagement ring styles shopped for at Barneys New York right now are mixed metals. Basra explained, “Brides aren’t necessarily pulling away from tradition but more so are making tradition their own… We’re in a time where women can express their individuality with all of their choices, especially their jewelry. We’re seeing brides becoming less picky about sticking to one metal color and being comfortable mixing and matching.”

How to Choose a Mixed Metal Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Pairing

You wouldn’t be the first to follow this uber popular trend so don’t hesitate, go ahead and pair your yellow gold engagement ring with that platinum wedding band you’ve been wanting. Or go for the white gold yellow gold mixture that you’re dying for.

There’s no denying that mixed metals are trending right now and all you have to do is take a look at A-list celebrities to see.  For example, model Emily Ratajkowski got married this year with a two-stone sparkler made up of both pear and square cut diamonds, set side-by-side, and she paired it with a yellow gold wedding band.

Actresses Keira Knightley and Isla Fisher both have mismatched engagement ring and wedding band sets, as does Duchess Kate Middleton, who paired her white gold sapphire and diamond engagement ring with a classic wedding band made of Welsh yellow gold.

Mixing metals is a great way to create a set of rings that are unique. If you want a contrasting wedding set for yourself visit a jeweler to see different metals in person, try them on and see which two you love together. Martha Stewarts Wedding quoted a jewelry expert in September who said about the trend, “Accenting platinum with warm rose gold has become increasingly popular.”

Also think about the look you’re trying to accomplish. If you want to be bold and make a statement with your mixed metals  then how about trying two different colors, like yellow gold or rose gold with white gold or platinum. If you want something a little more understated than pairing rose gold and yellow gold together, or even platinum and white gold, is the way to go. If you want mixed metals but a look that unites your wedding band and engagement ring then talk to your jeweler about ways to tie your metals metals together, so you can have one cohesive look. One item is to match the colored prongs on the engagement ring to the wedding band.

Always keep in mind, though, that you want these combination to last forever, so think about the future. Some metals are stronger than others, while some are more prone to scratching. Consider the hardness and durability of the metals you’re choosing. You also want to avoid the rings scratching each other when you wear them. That would be terrible!

Basra also told Glamour, “When you are picking something that is unique to you, that no one else has, or that perhaps you customize to your liking, it will remain a sound ring choice. You’ll never feel like it was tied to a moment in time.”

If you’re worried about committing to one look and your style changing down the road, don’t freak out! You have options. For example, you can always reset your ring. Some couples re-design their engagement rings for their 10-year anniversary and one jewelry expert told Glamour that she encourages people picking out various bands and stacking them so that your rings can be rearranged in unexpected ways. She said, “It’s a great way to achieve a strong, modern, edgy look without committing to an engagement ring that pushes you past your comfort zone.”


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