Top Jewelry Trends for 2015

For the fashionista who likes to stay on-trend, we have put together our picks of top jewelry trends that are likely to dominate 2015. Toss out the unpredictability and randomness in your pursuit for trendy jewelry. Read on to learn about our top jewelry trends for 2015.

Reds, browns, pinks – Jewelry inspired by the dual tone Marsala – Pantone’s Color of the Year – will surely rule the roost. Consider accessorizing with garnets, tourmalines, pink sapphires, rubies or even brown hued stones like smoky topaz, smoky quartz, champagne diamonds or chocolate pearls to complement that Marsala themed outfit.

Yellow gold – Say aloha again to yellow gold. The price of the sunshiny metal has continued to drop the past two years. Dominating the red carpet at the 2014 Golden Globe and Oscars, we predict that yellow gold jewelry is likely to remain popular in 2015.

Layered look – The Spring 2015 runways saw the return of the retro chic of the 70’s. The bohemian silhouettes of the ‘70s mean necklines that are tantalizing to say the least. Layering necklace styles make fail-safe additions to your jewelry collection.  Consider multi-strand, single strand necklaces, chokers, bar necklaces, etc., which make the most of that interesting neckline.

Stackable rings –Stackable rings make great mix and match accessories. They make colorful, layered looks for your fingers making them not only a 2015 style choice, but also a classic style trend that’s here to stay.

Bohemian designs –Think ‘70’s. Think bohemian, whimsical, abstract motifs and designs for jewelry. Dreamy, nature jewelry or geometric, abstract jewelry are likely to create inspiring looks that’ll surely turn heads.  

Colored diamonds & gemstones – Whether your inspiration is hot couture or trends in celebrity jewelry choices, the writing on the wall is crystal clear. Continuing from last year, we are likely to see gemstone and colored diamond jewelry retain their popularity in the coming year.

ENR8671-14WVintage jewelry – The old will continue to inspire us in 2015. Baguette cut diamonds, Art Deco, antique milgrain edged jewelry will be alive and well in the coming year. Go ahead and reprise that heirloom jewelry that grandma left behind or buy that antique jewelry that’s surely going to be a conversation starter.

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