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The Health Benefits of October’s Birthstone: Will it be your GO TO detox this month? Birthstone Jewelry

October is a month which is adorned with two birthstones, Opal and Tourmaline. The more well recognized of the two is Opal. Opal is a radiant gemstone formed by non-crystalline silica gel. The particles are packed together in specific arrangements giving it its characteristic luminosity. Opal is often the most common purchase for an October birthstone, but its sister birthstone is equally beautiful  and even has...

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Opal’s Red Carpet Debut Birthstone Jewelry

We have been seeing a trend towards the return of the opal gemstone this fall. The season’s moody shades in fashion and beauty make wearing opal jewelry especially easy, with some Hollywood trendsetters pairing opal with jewel tone fashions. Chrome is always big in beauty during fall and we are seeing it pair with shade-shifting opal. Its unique appearance makes it popular with brides, as...

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Opal: A Rainbow of Colors Birthstone Jewelry

When you hold a precious opal up to the light, it can display an infinite parade of colors. Glittering reds, blues, yellows, whites, pinks and purples can dazzle simultaneously in front of your eyes. The variety is such that in the Middle Ages, it was believed these stones contained the curative properties of every gemstone whose color could be seen on their  reflections. It may...

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