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Jewelry News

If you always thought jewelry was just about bling and sparkle to enhance your appearance, think again. Few among us have let their imagination run amok with jewels playing muse. Read on to discover the craziest jewelry stories that sparked our imagination to no end. Smart Pearl Did you know like Google glass, android wear, you could own a ‘smart’ pearl? December saw the introduction...

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December Gemstone: Blue Topaz Birthstone Jewelry

December has arrived, and for those of us living North of the equator, it’s time to dig out your heaviest coats and scarves to avoid the freezing, dreary weather. It’s also a time for holidays, family, spreading joy, and seeking out warmth in every sense of the word…and in that respect, Topaz is a most fitting birthstone for December. Facets of Time: Topaz’s Natural History...

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