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Big, flashy, and bold, cocktail rings are designed to get attention. The design is usually a super-sized center stone surrounded by tiny diamonds or gemstones. Their history dates back to the 1940’s and 50’s during Prohibition when cocktail parties were illegal and yet widely thrown among the wealthy. Wearers of the cocktail ring were breaking the law with style. Today, cocktail rings are worn to...

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How to Teach an Old Diamond New Tricks Diamonds

Diamond rings are one of the most important possessions a woman can have and the adage of diamond being the best friend of a girl stands true. However, if you want to reset your old diamond engagement ring to give a new look to it and bring back the sheen and brilliance to its original glow, rest assured that you can take your pick from...

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How Many Rings Are Too Many? Jewelry Tips

If you are always in doubt about any particular jewelry trend to follow in your day-to-day life, it is always a safe choice to opt for the classics and play safe. However, if you prefer to throw caution in the wind while flaunting the latest trends, you are one adventurous soul who loves to play it rough and off the beaten track! The idea of...

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Dazzling Diamond Rings Diamonds

Accenting your fingers with rings is a time honored tradition found in many cultures.  While some of the fashion rings we wear today would most likely get in the way of the daily tasks associated with hard work that our ancestors probably encountered, we are lucky enough to have many advancements that make the wearing of diamond rings practically a necessity in the modern world...

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Brighten Your Fingers with Colored Diamonds Diamonds

Rings are not just for showing off your marital status or promise to someone else anymore.  Fashion rings that bring attention to your hands and present to the world your stylish personality are just as necessary for your jewelry collection as your favorite pair of earrings.  However, do not at all feel that these alluring gems need to be costume jewelry made with colored plastic...

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