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Bonhams'  $1.2 mil. 79.2 ct. triple-x cut diamond necklace Jewelry News

It’s the end of the month and it’s time to recap crazy jewelry stories that happened in June from all over the world. This top 11 list features spectacular jewelry sales, rare gem finds, and contests. 8. On June 22nd, the Bonhams Fine Jewelry sale took place in New York, will a total sale of $3.8 million in jewels. $1.2 million of that went towards...

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Jewelry News

Diamonds are a mesmerizing example of nature at work, but these 2014 diamond finds are more like nature working overtime! True Blue – a 122.52 carat blue diamond was mined in South Africa. At its 2014 sale, it brought a cool $27 million. Blue diamonds are rare, and one of this size is unheard of. Double Diamond Delight – It’s rare to mine one 160+...

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