Modern Ring Exchange Wording: 9 Examples for 2021 and Beyond

Modern Ring Exchange Wording: 9 Examples for 2021 and Beyond

You’ve set your date and selected your venue. You’ve bought the perfect dress, mailed your invitations and picked out rings that will serve as symbols of your forever love. But before you place those shining wedding bands on each other’s fingers, you should take some time to consider the words you’ll say to each other when you do.

Whether you choose classic gold or platinum bands, gravitate to the sparkle of diamonds or opt for a modern alternative such as Tungsten, your wedding bands are a physical symbol of your commitment to each other. The exchange of these rings is an important part in your marriage ceremony, and maybe even more important are the words you speak when you exchange these precious rings.

What Is a Ring Exchange?

The ring exchange is a traditional part of most wedding ceremonies when couples place bands on each other’s fingers to symbolize their commitment. This ceremonial placement typically occurs right after the speaking of vows and often marks the close of the wedding ceremony. Immediately after you exchange rings, your officiant will pronounce that you are now married.

9 Examples of Ring Exchange Wording for 2021 and Beyond

When you think about the wording that accompanies the exchange of wedding rings, what probably comes to mind is the tried-and-true line, “With this ring, I thee wed,” but those aren’t the only words you can choose. In fact, modern ring exchanges have lost much of the stiff formality that marked traditional ceremonies, and the words you speak in this moment are entirely up to you.

For couples who want to forego tradition in favor of more modern ring exchange wording, there are options to suit every occasion and personality. If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration for your upcoming ceremony, here are nine examples of ring exchange wording for 2021 and beyond.

  • This ring symbolizes my love, my loyalty and my commitment to our lifetime journey. I place it on your finger as a binding promise that I will be by your side today, tomorrow and forever.
  • This ring is my gift to you, given as a symbol of my love and devotion. Wear it as a reminder of my commitment to our future and to the fulfillment of our hopes and dreams.

  • As we walk through life together, let this ring remind you that we are an unbreakable team. By wearing it, you will know that you are never alone, and that we will face the world’s highs and lows together as soulmates and as equal partners.
  • With this ring, I promise you my unwavering love, compassion and loyalty for the rest of our lives. With great joy, I place it on your hand as your partner, the one person who will always believe in you and stand by your side.
  • Now, I place this shining band on your finger as a visible symbol of our connection. Let it assure you that even when we’re physically apart, I am always with you in heart and in spirit.
  • We are stronger together than apart, and united, we can face anything. Let this ring be an enduring symbol of our unbreakable bond as we move through the world as a married couple.
  • This ring has no end and neither does my love for you. Let this shining band of gold/platinum/diamonds serve as a symbol of my lifelong commitment to our love and partnership.
  • By placing this ring on your finger, I choose you now and always. It is a symbol of the vows I have made to you and a reminder that our lives are forever entwined.
  • With this ring, two become one. I place it on your finger with love and devotion, pledging to share with you all that I have and all that I am as we step forward, together, into our bright and shining future.

Personalizing Your Words

More than ever, weddings have become a celebration of who you are as individuals and as a couple. By personalizing your ceremony through words and actions, you can infuse it with meaning and emotion. So, if you want the ultimate personalization of your ceremony, why not write your ring exchange words from scratch?

If you’re ready to sit down and pen the words that will accompany your exchange of wedding bands, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Consider your unique situation. If you’re renewing your vows or embarking on a second or third marriage, the words you choose will likely be different than those written by a young couple celebrating a first love.
  • Incorporate ideas, sentiments or imagery that’s relevant to your background, cultural heritage or family traditions. Don’t be shy about speaking part of your ring exchange words in your native language or adding in religious references.
  • Include a few lines from your favorite love poem, a classic novel or another significant piece of writing.
  • It’s okay to show off a quirky personality or sense of humor, especially if it’s something you share as a couple. Weddings don’t have to be somber events. It’s okay to laugh a little!
  • Match your personal communication style. If you’re effusive in your everyday life, your ring exchange wording should reflect that. If you tend to be more to-the-point when you talk, you may want to opt for wording that’s spare and more direct.
  • The wording you choose should mirror the type of ceremony you’re having, whether it’s traditional, modern or religious.
  • Complement your vows. If your vows have a theme, stay consistent by including it in your ring exchange wording, too.
  • If you want to try something different, consider a two-part ring exchange where words are spoken by both the giver and the recipient as each ring is presented. The response may contain phrases such as, “I will wear it gladly,” or “I accept this symbol of your love.”
  • If you’re struggling to find words that feel right, consider tweaking prewritten words you find online or in a wedding magazine.

Most importantly, when writing the words you’ll share during your ring exchange, consider what the wedding bands you give and receive mean to you because, ultimately, that’s what this part of your wedding ceremony should really be about. By letting your words reflect what’s in your heart, you can make your big day even more meaningful for you, your loved one and your guests.

Things to Remember When Planning Your Ring Exchange Wording

Whether you’re deciding which ring exchange words to use from the samples above or you’re opting to write your own, there are a few things you should remember about this meaningful ceremony:

  • The ring exchange ceremony is typically a short one, lasting for only a minute or two, so you don’t want to be too wordy. You’ll have the opportunity to be more expansive when you write your wedding vows.
  • Traditionally, both parties speak the same words when exchanging rings. However, there’s no hard and fast rule. If you want to stick with what’s tried and true, decide together what you want to say. If you’d rather defy tradition, go ahead and write individual wording for the occasion. Just be sure to stick to a similar length and tone as your soon-to-be spouse.
  • The ring exchange typically takes place directly after your vows. If you’re looking to streamline your ceremony, you may choose to merge the two, eliminating the need for separate ring exchange wording altogether.

Starting With the Right Rings

Ultimately, the sky is the limit when it comes to the wording for your ring exchange, but there’s one thing that won’t change: you can’t have a ring exchange without the rings. Whether you select simple matching bands or something with a bit more bling, you’ll create a solid foundation for your marriage by choosing the rings that best represent your love, your commitment and your lifestyle.


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