In Honor of the ‘Sex and the City’ Reboot, Get Your Own Carrie Bradshaw-Inspired Necklace

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays Carrie Bradshaw. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

The “Sex And The City” series ended in 2004 and one item that played a large role in the show was Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic name necklace.

“The popularity of nameplate necklaces began with Black and Latinx youth in the ’90s, but resurged throughout the aughts as a result of the show,” The Huffington Post said. “Costume designer Patricia Field was inspired to include the necklace in Carrie’s wardrobe after carrying similar items in her New York City shop, which eventually closed in 2016.”

Carrie, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, wore her personalized name necklace from the debut of “Sex And The City” in 1998 until its final episode aired in 2004. The show’s latest reboot, “And Just Like That” made the necklace popular all over again. According to one report, recent data released from eBay revealed that, “in the week since And Just Like That’s release, searches for ‘personalized name necklaces’ are up by 57 percent on eBay.”

The “Carrie” necklace was a big part of Carrie’s wardrobe and longtime fans will remember that before she finally leaves her New York apartment for the last time, before moving to Paris, she takes with her one final accessory from her belongings, the name necklace, and places it inside her vintage Dior purse. The scene takes place in the season six episode “An American Girl in Paris.”

In the episode, Carrie decides to go to Paris to be with Aleksandr Petrovsky, a famous Russian artist and her romantic interest at the time. She wants to go to Paris and be in love, so she leaves her New York City job and apartment and closest of friends to make the move.

While in Paris, where she spends more days alone, Carrie goes shopping one day. When she enters Dior store, she slips and falls to the floor, and all the contents of her purse go flying everywhere. Later, when she tells Aleksandr what happened at Dior store, she remembers to look inside her Dior purse for her personalized necklace which she called her “Carrie necklace.” She soon realizes its not there and tells Aleksandr that although the necklace was not expensive, it was priceless to her and an item that she had forever.

The next day, Carrie tells Miranda on the phone how upset she was because she lost her “Carrie necklace” that she bought when the four friends went to a street fair. Alexsandr later gives her a diamond necklace to try to replace her personalized one.

In the end, Carrie finding a hole in her Dior purse and discovers that the Carrie name necklace had fallen into the hole.

The big question now is: will we see Carrie sporting her name necklace in the reboot, “And Just Like That” ?

“Lightning doesn’t strike twice,” Molly Rogers, one of the costume designers for “And Just Like That” told Stylist. “Instead of the Carrie necklace, we threw a little New York State charm pendant on, just to quietly signify solidarity with the state.”

“It was about standing with New York and showing that in her style,” Rogers added.

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