Gifts for the Next Ten Years

R5830WCTAnniversary Gemstone Gifts Years 10 – 15

Congratulations on your first ten years of married bliss. Of course the celebrations don’t end there, and neither do the anniversary gemstone gifts like stackable rings, earrings, necklaces and more.

Your 11th anniversary can be celebrated with turquoise, one of the trendiest colors and gemstones of the last few years. Your next anniversary moves to a lovely shade of green with jade, while anniversary 13 is represented by the lovely citrine gemstone. This is followed by your opal anniversary, while your 15th anniversary would traditionally be celebrated with crystal or rhodolite the semi-precious stone used for this special year.

Anniversary 16 – Infinity

Once you’ve gone past the first fifteen years together, the milestones continue with each year bringing you additional anniversary stones.  By this time the years are racing by, sharing special times with family and friends. As each anniversary comes and goes, time for looking both at the past and the future deserve special notice celebrated with the following anniversary gemstones:

When your 20th anniversary arrives, it would be nice to remember it with emerald jewelery.

Five years later, why not get a solitaire ring with a stunning tsavorite stone in the middle?

And what about a pearl necklace for your 30th anniversary?

Celebrating the Decades

The next three decades are well-known in traditional folklore and are also represented by gemstones. If you have been together for 40 years, celebrate with ruby. 50 years in and the anniversary gift should include gold of the highest carat rating. If you are blessed enough to celebrate 60 years together, you should mark the occasion with diamonds.

Of course, there are a number of anniversary celebrations in between the one’s written about above and if you want to continue honoring your union year after year there are no shortage of anniversary gemstones to choose from.  Either way, celebrating your anniversary with gemstone jewelry gifts is a great way to mark the years of your lives as one.

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