Different Ways to Wear a Brooch

A brooch? Even the word sounds old and tired, but the brooches themselves are anything but. The passé brooch, as an ordinary “pin” on the front of a blouse, has been replaced as a wedding day favorite, a signature accessory for your accessories, celebrity favorites and more.

Wedding Brooches

Perhaps the most popular way to wear a brooch on your wedding day, is in your hair. There are special combs available that the brooch can attach to, which can then be put into your bridal hairdo. Bring it to your hair trial day so you’ll know exactly where it needs to be placed on your special day.

Another wedding day brooch idea is displaying it on your wedding gown. Attach an antique style brooch to a silk belt or ribbon near the waist or bodice. If you have a vintage heirloom that you’d like to show off on your wedding day,  pin it to your bouquet or on your purse. Many brides also use a brooch as their “something old” or “something blue”.

Dress It With a Brooch

The brooch is a perfect accessory for any dress and it’s also great for V-necks

  • Wear a brooch on the bodice of your dress or at your waist
  • Accentuate you bust line by placing an attractive brooch at the bottom of your natural “v”
  • Dress up that little black dress with a well-placed butterfly or flower brooch
  • If your dress is a bit big gather the extra fabric in the back and pin it with a brooch at the back

Brooch Accessories for Your Accessories

It’s a great way to bedazzle any accessory. The brooch can be used as a hat pin, embellishments for boots & gloves, scarf pins, bag glam and glitz for belts.

Celeb Approved Brooches

  • Nicole Kidman often wears jewelry in creative ways, like wearing a brooch between the back straps of her gown
  • Gwen Stefani was spotted wearing a brooch as a hair clip
  • Elisa Sednaoui pins a vintage-inspired brooch to a button-up top
  • Freida Pinto wore a rich, red suit with a black and gold butterfly brooch
  • The Duchess of Cambridge often wears a flower brooch

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