Always Classy: Antique Diamond Rings

The elegance that links itself to antique style fashions goes in and out of style like any other trend.  Since most jewelry is made to be everlasting with its high quality precious metal and sparkling gemstones, many pieces of personal adornment come back into style time and time again when fashion creators and makers come across them once they have been lost to time for either a short time or a long one.  Diamonds, which always have been and most likely always will be known as the most durable gemstone on the earth, are easily the most common stones associated with antique jewelry as they were the true shimmering pieces of almost all historic jewelry and the most likely to survive the ages—making antique style diamond rings the ultimate fashion jewelry.

A vintage diamond ring generally comes complete with darker shades within its patterned band.  Swirls, curls, and lovely designs help to make a vintage style diamond ring what it is and aids in its increased popularity today.  Most of these older fashions tend to focus on a centerpiece stone that is rather large in size, at least in comparison to the other gems held on the band itself.  These bigger diamonds easily draw the eye, create a sparkle in even the dimmest lighting, and pull in the crowd like no other piece of jewelry.  However, the bigger the stone, the more creative the setting has to be in order to properly hold the diamond in place while making sure that it is still freely visible.  A bezel set diamond ring achieves these goals without breaking a sweat as it keeps the antique style, firmly holds the diamond, yet makes sure the broad top surface continues to be seen and shine brightly.

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