Affordable Jewelry Options and How You Can Win Free Bling

Bezel-Set Solitaire Pendant Setting in Platinum by Allurez.

Tons of people are on a tight budget these days because of either losing their job or similar negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Many are trying to save up as much as they can (because who knows when the world is gonna go back to normal honestly) and trying to stretch the money they already have.

This isn’t the time when people are splurging but if you’ve been saving up for a nice piece of jewelry, we’re here to help you find something not too pricey that will be worth your money. Heck, we even have a way that you can win free jewelry.

Allurez partnered with other companies to offer a sweepstake worth $2,700. Enter to win a lavish bundle of gift cards and prizes of luxury home decor, $500 towards fine jewelry, exceptional teas, designer fashion and accessories, luxury skincare developed by a renowned plastic surgeon, and beautifully decadent chocolates. Once you enter the sweepstakes you unlock a number of exclusive offers, including a complimentary Infinity Necklace with your first Allurez purchase.

We’ve also rounded up our favorite inexpensive jewelry pieces for those not willing to spend so much. All of these pieces are around $350, or less, and can be worn over and over again, and in so many ways. For these reasons we think they’re worth spending money on.

Gold earrings

Yellow gold is all the rave as people stack up gold chain necklaces around their neck, toss on some gold hoop earrings and add a gold bracelet to complete the look. Gold looks great against a tan and it can be dressed up or dressed now. It’s quite often that you’ll see someone at the beach with gold bangles or gold earrings, and later those same looks can be made fancier for dinner at a restaurant or a night out with friends.

Geometric Heart-Shape Stud Earrings 14k Yellow Gold by Allurez.

Trendy rings

Many brands now offer jewelry pieces that feature the evil eye or the hamsa, which is meant to ward off evil spirits and energy. These trendy symbols are being found on earrings, necklaces, bracelets anklets and our personal favorite: rings. The hamsa symbol has been worn as part of jewelry by tons of celebrities also, including Meghan Markle and Jennifer Aniston. We especially love lightweight, dainty rings that are perfect for everyday wear and truly can be worth with any outfit. Also if the ring is not too loud, you can wear more than one at a time. There’s no one way to wear them and there’s no rule about how to wear them.

Hand of God Hamsa Ladies Fine Fashion Ring 14k White Gold by Allurez.

An everyday necklace

To make the most of your money it’s best to invest in a piece of jewelry that you can get a lot of use and something timeless, that won’t go out of style. On top of that, if you already have your mind made up to get a necklace, a simple pendant featuring a heart would be our suggestion. If you’re not into heart necklaces, then treat yourself with a diamond to give the necklace some extra sparkle.

Diamond Open Heart Shaped Pendant Necklace 14k White Gold by Allurez.

Bezel-Set Solitaire Pendant Setting in Platinum by Allurez.


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