Mistakes to Avoid When Buying an Engagement Ring

So you’ve found your gal and you’re ready to pop the question. Here’s a primer on common mistakes that can ruin that picture-perfect proposal. Avoid these common blunders and chances are, you’ll hear a resounding ‘yes’ when you propose with that perfect ring.

Antique Style Engagement RingRing size – Proposing with an engagement ring of the wrong size is common. An engagement ring too large at some point stops being a misjudgment about finger size and announces your opinion of her overall size! Too small and it ends up being a useless midi ring. The safest bet is to get one of your fiancé’s rings measured for size or ask your jeweler about flexibility to re-size at a later date.


Style – You’re the man of her dreams. But picking 061713_1452_TheSecretof4.jpgan engagement ring that does not reflect her style is every woman’s nightmare come true. This is one piece of jewelry that she’ll wear, hopefully, for life. Research her jewelry preferences. Do her current jewelry choices reflect opulence or simplicity? Does she like yellow gold, white gold, or platinum? Peek into her social pages and observe her likes or comments.

design your own engagement ringRing Story – Picking a ring with no story to tell other than….grabbed a ring off-the-shelf from a local store during that lunch break, is well, un-cool and not Facebook worthy! Go for a mass produced engagement ring rather than a custom design ring and your choice runs the risk of looking commonplace and too similar to the rings she’s seen in her social circle. Gemstone rings with sapphires, rubies (or other gems) also make unique engagement rings for your one-of-a-kind girl.

– If you’re going for a diamond engagement ring, do your research! Most men think that bigger the diamond, better the statement it makes. Nothing can be further from the truth. Invest some time and get educated about diamonds and the 4 C’s of diamond quality.Color and clarity charts for diamonds

Money matters – Most men spend 3 month’s salary on an engagement ring. Assuming you set aside 10% of salary to the ring fund, it will take up 2.5 years to save up enough on salary alone.Consider financing this purchase and research if your jeweler offers 0% financing or other flexible financing options.

Matching Wedding Ring – Women wear their wedding band below their engagement ring. Most men forget that. Before buying the engagement ring, also peek into possible matching wedding ring options.

Insurance – In a perfect world, a diamond is forever. In the real world, rings get lost, stolen, damaged…..Remember to insure it with a policy that will cover every hypothetical ring-threatening situation from theft to damage to accidentally losing it in the pool.

Conflict free diamonds - Buying an engagement ring not made with conflict free or ethically sourced diamonds announces ignorance about the issue of blood diamonds. Also you don’t want your new love to be founded on a symbol of violence.

Diamond certification – Always buy certified diamonds. A diamond certification from reputed diamond grading institutions like GIA, AGSL, IGI, and EGL establishes diamond quality that went through an unbiased professional examination.

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What is a Cathedral Setting?

Cathedral RingA cathedral setting is a popular jewelry setting, usually used for rings, and beloved in engagement ring styles. Reminiscent of the soaring arches of a cathedral, a cathedral setting features artistically crafted arches that frame the diamond or gemstone center stone in grandeur. Creating an elegant, graceful appearance, a cathedral setting also helps protect the center, which is especially important with softer stones such as opal, turquoise or lapis. And, perhaps the best part of all, cathedral settings offer maximum value because the arches make the diamond or gemstone center stone appear larger than it actually is.

Since cathedral settings sit over the band, it’s a great start for any style engagement ring. From halos to solitaires, twisted sides to diamond accents, when you begin with a cathedral setting there are big things in store.

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What is Larimar?

Like the Bluest of Skies and Oceans

Found only on one mountaintop on the Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic, larimar is a form of pectolite, ranging in shades from white, light-blue, green-blue and deep blue. Larimar jewelry is often sold as a local specialty throughout the Caribbean. Also known as the Caribbean Gem, the Dolphin Stone, Blue Pectolite, Atlantis Stone, and Stefilia’s Stone, larimar resembles the bright turquoise blue colors of the Caribbean sea and sky. Each larimar stone is unique with no two looking the same, as the volcanic origins of the stone have left if marked with patterns and markings, almost like a marbleized effect.

Soft and Soothing Larimar Gemstones

Larimar is known for its healing properties, and is considered especially important to the throat area, as it is renowned for aiding with speech and communication problems. It is also known to calm fears, reduce tempers, relieve stress and nurture the body and soul.

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What are Midi Rings?

Also known as memory or tea rings, midi rings are rings that you wear at the top of your finger, midway between the tip of the finger and the  first knuckle. Although the style goes back to Medieval times, when they signified one being wealthy enough to not have to do much manual work, midi rings have become the “it” statement in accessories just within the past year.

Stylish and stack-able, midi rings offer a new and exotic way to adorn fingers. They are usually tiny and elegant, but there are no strict rules- they can be larger if desired. Whether worn alone or paired with traditional, below the knuckle rings, these rings are sure to grab attention and accentuate long fingers and polished finger nails. Midi rings are part of the larger trend of moving away from big, bold jewelry to smaller, more detailed and delicate pieces.

To rock the midi, you don’t have to go out and buy any special type of ring- just buy rings that you like a few sizes down from your normal ring size. Like bangles for the fingers, feel free to layer them and wear one (or a few!) on each finger. Stars such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Heidi Klum, Miley Cyrus and Angelina Jolie have all been seen sporting the look.

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Why Choose Opals?

The birthstone for people born in October, opals are formed when rain seeps down through the ground and silica is carried downward. Over millions of years, this silica eventually forms the stunning mysterious opal gemstone. We have Australia’s outback desert to thank for about 90% of the opals we see today. And for that, we tip our hats to those Awesome Aussies!

Opal – A Rainbow Of Magical Color

opal ringOpals come in many colors from gray to red, orange to blue. Although best known for its blue, white and shimmering green coloring, each opal casts its own unique rainbow of color. This rainbow effect, affectionately  called the “play-of-color”, occurs because light waves bend after traveling between the silica particles which make up the beautiful opal. This chemical reaction is a true feast for the eyes, creating a lovely light show. Terms like “harlequin”, “church windows”, “needle fire”, “flame opal” and “lightning and peacock opal” are used to describe this unique opal play-of-color.

Opals Mystical Appeal

Opal’s play-of-color is similar to the shifting emotions and moods of people. It’s no wonder the opal gemstone is believed to assist depression, and aid those looking for true love.

Celebrities love opals. Not to name drop, but Julian Moore, Jennifer Hudson, Rihanna and the late Andy Warhol and Elvis Presley are among the rich and famous who love/loved the magical opal in unique pieces of jewelry.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to wear opal jewelry, you just need to love it, and enjoy it for all its worth. 

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