What are Earring Jackets?

Sure, you love your classic stud earrings but what if you could transform them into an entire new look? No magic necessary. Just earring jackets.

Earring jackets typically have a center hole in which your studs fit, converting them into any number of new styles like:

Gemstone Earring Jackets

Double Halo Earring Jackets

Floral Earrings Jackets

Colored Diamond Earring Jackets

Square Earring Jackets

Pearls Stud Jackets Too

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What is Art Deco Jewelry?

Art deco is a style of architecture, design, art, clothing and jewelry popularized in the 1920’s that makes heavy use of geometric shapes, symmetrical lines and patterns, and a strong use of color.  Art deco was influenced by the advent of the industrialized machine age, new technology, jazz music, archeological discoveries and women gaining voting rights and liberation for the first time. Art deco drew inspiration from Ancient Egyptian, Greek, African and Chinese cultures. Motifs like zig zags, sunbursts, arrows, pyramid shapes, scarabs, sphinxes, rockets, dragons, panthers, gazelles, and greyhounds were widely used.

Long, pendant and chandelier earrings worked well with the bobbed haircuts of the time. Flapper dresses were complimented by multiple strands of extra-long beads, often pearls, strung around the neck, hanging down to the stomach. Women wore multiple bracelets and cuffs to accentuate short or sleeveless dresses. Plastic Bakelite bangles stacked atop each other were also popular, as they clinked together as the women danced to jazz music. Wealthier women wore diamond and gemstone tennis bracelets with square settings and over-sized cocktail rings. White metals, such as platinum and white gold, were also popular, as they symbolized futurism. Geometric cuts of stone, such as emerald, Asscher and trilliant, were often employed, as angular designs were paramount in art deco.

People still seek out dynamic and bold art deco jewelry today, as this golden age of design continues to exert its influence.

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Are You An Untraditional Bride?

Are you sticking with something borrowed, something blue? Having an equal number of groomsmen and bridesmaids?  Are you leaving your favorite friend, you beloved giant husky, back at home for the ceremony?

Pink SapphireNo two brides are the same and a growing number are choosing nonconventional engagement rings – throwing caution to the wind and becoming engaged with emeralds, blue sapphires and garnets instead.



The Engagement Ring at the End of the Rainbow

MM45WS7Gemstone engagement rings, along with brilliant moissanite beauties are replacing solitaire diamond rings on local streets and runways throughout the world. Halle Berry is flaunting a custom-made emerald engagement ring. Actress Olivia Wild chose a diamond center stone accented by stunning emeralds. And who can forget Lady Di with her halo diamond and sapphire stunner?

Perhaps the most unconventional bridal band of all is the one tattooed on the soon-to be- brides ring finger, matched by her husband’s tattooed wedding band. These non-conformist symbols of love are reflective of the freedoms that newly engaged couples are embracing, choosing to jump out of airplanes exchanging their vows and going to into the depths of the ocean to tie the knot.

There’s no right or wrong, there is no set protocol for getting engaged and married. After all being in love doesn’t mean you have to say you’re sorry for being different.

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What are the Best Bridesmaids Gifts?

They are your closest friends, your nearest and dearest supporters. They have always been there and now here they are again, as your bridesmaids on the biggest day of your life. A friend so near and dear deserves a special gift of thanks for all they’ve done and do.

These days, bridesmaid’s gifts vary in price and quality. From glammed-up make-up bags to spa treatments, still one of the best gifts you can give is a piece of fine jewelry.

A pair of pearl earrings she’ll wear long after the wedding are a great choice.

A gemstone pendant necklace can be chosen in a color that perfectly complements the bridesmaid’s dresses.

Personalized jewelry, like monograms, initial necklaces and the like make Bridesmaids gifts that will not be forgotten.

Give your bridesmaids something they will cherish for years to come. Make the memory of your special day indelible with a dazzling gift they will never forget.

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Pearl Fun Facts:

The Pearls of Wisdom you might not know

Pearls are the Only Gift of the Living Sea

When it comes to jewelry, pearls are the only gemstone known to date that are made by living animals.

There is no Perfect Pearl

Pearls - Birthstone of JuneThe look may be perfect, just what you wanted….the Tahitian Black the perfect tones of blue, but it won’t ever be perfect, because no pearl is. Each has its minor imperfections, and in this case of fine pearls, the perfections are what give pearls their true appeal.

Pearls are Priceless

Freshwater Pearl & Diamond NecklaceThe cost of pearls is determined not just by financial worth but by emotional bonds. Although in 1916 two pearl necklaces were used in trade by Jacques Cartier to buy his 5th Avenue store, the feeling pearls give you is absolutely priceless.

Pearls are Environmentally Friendly

Harvesting pearls from mollusks does not harm the animals, in fact, they can, and usually are used to make additional pearls.

Celebrities are Rockin’ Grandmas Pearls

The oldest known pearl spotting was found in the sarcophagus of a princess from 520 BC.  During its long history, pearls were the bell of the ball during the flapper days, a favorite accessory to first ladies, and the trend on the red carpet.

Pearls Don’t Like Vinegar

Legend has it that a Cleopatra dissolved a pearl in wine and drank it on a bet with Marc Anthony. There is no proof that pearls can totally ‘melt’, but they can dissolved in vinegar because of its acidity. (Please don’t try this at home)

A Closing Quote:

“The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens” –Anonymous

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