What Earring Styles Complement Your Face Shape?

Wearing the earrings that flatter your face shape is like an instant face lift. And it’s easy to find the exact shape of your face. Simply pull back your hair, look in a mirror and trace your reflection using lipstick.

Face Shape Characteristics Complementing earring styles / Allurez Recommendation
Oval Face Forehead is as wide as the cheekbones. The face narrows from the cheeks to the chin, creating the oval shape. Oval faces look great in any style. However, teardrop and oval-shaped dangling earrings accentuate your oval shape even further.
Round Face Widest at the cheekbones without tapering down to the chin. To minimize roundness, choose teardrop or dangling earrings in angular designs. Avoid circular discs.
Square Face The forehead, cheeks, and jaws are all about the same width. Wear rounded, elongated, dangling hoop earrings that brush the jaw line or extend below it to soften the natural angles of this face type. Avoid wide earrings.
Heart Face The forehead is wider than the cheeks and the cheeks further taper down to the chin. Balance the upside down triangle shape of your face with dangling teardrop or chandelier earrings.
Narrow Face Length of face is your most defining aspect with little emphasis on width of forehead or cheeks. Short dangles or clustered pearls are great choices, as they elongate the width of the face.
Diamond Face The forehead and chin are narrower than the cheekbones. Dangle or hoop styles with soft curves are flattering to this face type. Avoid diamond shape earrings.
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Blue Topaz Facts

blue topaz ringAs with anything, there are the facts you know and facts you don’t. To make matters even more difficult, sometimes the facts aren’t facts at all. Somewhere in between folklore and frivolity lies the truly fun stuff.  So here are a few fun things you might not know about Blue Topaz.

  • Blue Topaz is the birthstone of December
  • Topaz cools down boiling water
  • Blue topaz represents eternal love and faithfulness
  • Aside from the most popular blue color, you can find topaz in yellow, pink,  red, green and other colors
  • The Topaz birthstone is believed to promote good health, and a calm mind
  • Blue Topaz can symbolize faithfulness and loyalty
  • Protects from both lethal substances and poisoning and lethal substances
  • Blue Topaz is believed to be powerful enough to guard against evil
  • Crystal healers use Blue Topaz to aid in areas of communication. It is believed to help clarify the mind, and put ideas into words more easily
  • During the Middle Ages, topaz was thought to heal both physical and mental disorders and prevent death.
  • The Egyptians wore it as an amulet to protect them from injury.
  • Blue Topaz is the US State Gemstone of Utah
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When Is He Going to Propose Already?

So when is he going to put a ring on it already? The amount of time you’ve been dating isn’t the best barometer for answering that age old question of when he’s going to propose. In fact, there is no magic time, place, occasion or special reason for a proposal…at least not a universal one. Seeing as men’s behavior is erratic at best, the only thing we can look for are the signs that a proposal is on its way.

The Signs of a Pending Proposal

No guarantees ladies. The signs listed below are those gathered from the common behaviors that have been observed. This list is a small sampling of the things others have observed that have a “pending proposal” written all over them.

  1. You’re Missing A Favorite Ring

One of the sneaky ways men figure out your ring size is my “borrowing” one of the rings you wear on that special finger. If he’s smart, it won’t be gone for long. And if you’re smart, you won’t mention it.

  1. He’s Saving Money Like it’s Going out of Style

This could very well be out-of-character for him. He’s even staying away from the outings on football Sundays. Cooking a special dinner rather than going out to your favorite places. He’s bringing his lunch to work, even making his coffee on the road from home.

  1. Everyone Stops Asking Questions about When it’s Going to Happen

Your mom stops asking when you’re going to make her a grandma. She stops mentioning the other affairs she’s recently been to. Your dad keeps looking at your with tears in his eyes. These could be a sign that your boyfriend has already asked them for your hand in marriage.

  1. A sudden vacation

One of the most romantic ways to propose is when its least expected. A simple weekend away, a harmless stop at a bed & breakfast or a destination you have previously been to, are the perfect places for him to propose. If he asks you to change plans at the last second, to make a secret rendezvous, don’t hesitate, change  directions…it could change your life forever.

  1. “I” and “You” Becomes We

Listen for those hints that indicate he’s beginning to think about you and he as a couple long-term. This isn’t a sign that the engagement will happen soon. It is however a sure fire way to know he’s getting very interested.

  1. He Encourages Window Shopping

Let’s face it, for most men, shopping is a very very bad word.  If however your man is encouraging you to stop and look in windows where there’s jewelry try and help him along. Slip in comments on what you like and don’t like. Might even mention your ring size….”I bet in a size 7 that ring will look too small,” or, “My fingers are so tiny….that ring would totally take over my size 5 finger.”

  1. He’s A Wedding Watcher

Now when you attend weddings he is commenting on everything from the music to the flowers. He might even encourage you to try your hand at catching the bouquet.

  1. Saying Goodbye to Bachelorhood

He is spending less and less time with the “boys” and concentrating on building your relationship as a twosome.

The list above represents a small sampling of some of the behaviors  your future mate might be implementing. There’s no tried and true way to know if he’s about to propose.

So help a girl out…tell us what behaviors are you noticing that might be signs of a proposal?  Let us know. We love to share!

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How to tell if pearls are real

Pearls - Birthstone of JuneReal pearls are either formed naturally or “cultured” by pearl farmers. Genuine pearls take many years to develop within the confines of an oyster. Pearl farmers develop pearls by placing irritants inside the oyster that cause it to secrete a substance that hardens around the irritant, forming the nacre of the pearl.

As stunning and irresistible as pearls are, don’t be fooled, imitation pearls abound. Made to look like real pearls, imitations are created of materials like glass, ceramic, or even plastic.

Here is our 7 step guide to help you discern if it’s a genuine pearl.

Magnification Test: Under 64X magnification, real pearls have scaly, maze like patterns, almost like fingerprints. Imitation pearls have a grainy surface under magnification with imperfections (ridges or burr) around the drill hole, that give away the plastic or glass.

Friction Test Rub two pearls together and if you see a little grit between them they are genuine pearls. If the beads slide against one other, they are not the real McCoy.

Flaw Test Genuine pearls in a necklace strand will have size, shape, and color variations that are discernable under close observation. Imitation pearls just seem too perfect to be created by Mother Nature.

Temperature Test Genuine pearls feel cold to the touch. Imitation pearls take on the ambient temperature.

Weight Test Genuine pearls are heavier than fake pearls. If a necklace with large pearls feels light, it may not be real.

Luster Test Real pearls are highly reflective when held against light, while plastic or glass like pearls have a dull appearance against light.

Tooth Test The most effective way to distinguish between a real and imitation pearl is the tooth test. Real pearls feel gritty or sandy when you rub them lightly against your upper incisors. If they slide smoothly against your teeth, they are most likely imitation pearls.

Freshwater Pearl & Diamond Drop EarringsAt Allurez there’s no need to worry, our entire selection of pearl necklaces, earrings and rings are genuine pearl “gifts of the sea”.

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Blue Topaz Fun Facts

Chase away the monotony of the all-pervasive holiday colors of red, white and green of December, by picking jewelry in the icy cool hues of the blue topaz. Popularly characterized as the December birthstone, blue topaz jewelry is also used to commemorate the 4th wedding anniversary. Here are some other lesser known facts about this gemstone.

What’s in a name?

So how exactly did topaz get its name? Greeks mined a gem they believed to be topaz (actually was chrysolite) from a Red Sea island called ‘Topazios’ or ‘Topazion’. Topaz might have also stemmed from the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit word ‘tapas’ which means fire.

Blue Topaz: Legends & Folklore

  • Greeks believed topaz could make its wearer invisible
  • Romans believed it improved eyesight
  • Egyptians wore it as an amulet to protect from injury
  • Topaz was also believed to change color in the presence of poisoned food or drink
  • Indians believed this gemstone aided the throat chakra for better communication

Many hued splendor of Topaz

Topaz comes in a variety of colors.

  • In addition to the most popular color of blue, topaz is also available in clear, red, orange, pink, yellow, brown and several other color variations.
  • The three main shades of blue topaz are light blue, also called sky blue topaz, medium blue called Swiss blue topaz and the deep blue color called London Blue topaz.

Topaz as Crown Jewels

  • Red and pink topaz were popular among the 18th and 19th century Russian royalty and came to be known as “Imperial Topaz”. In addition, Imperial Topaz makes a popular 23rd wedding anniversary gift.
  • “Braganza Diamond” set in the Portuguese crown is actually a 1680 carat, colorless topaz.
  • The Green Vault in Dresden, Germany has a beautiful topaz set in its famous gem collection.
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