What are Pearls?

Man and Nature Working Harmoniously Together

Pearls - Birthstone of JuneMysterious and iridescent, pearls have entranced people of all cultures since antiquity. Pearls are created when mollusks (oysters) secrete nacre (a shiny substance) around a foreign object that has become embedded in their shell, either naturally, or for cultured pearls, by human intervention.

The ancient Egyptians and Romans prized pearls as symbol of affluence. Greeks not only valued them for their beauty, but for their association with love and marriage. To this day, pearls are given as anniversary gifts for the 1st, 12th and 30th anniversaries, and they are also a June birthstone. And Medieval Europeans believed pearls would protect them from harm in battle. In 1916, jewelry designer Cartier was able to buy an entire building in Manhattan with two pearl necklaces.

A Glowing Rainbow of Shades…

Pearls come in many varieties, including Akoya, South Sea, Tahitian, Mabe and Freshwater. Shapes of pearls include round, drop, button, oval, semi-round, circle — or ringed, baroque, and semi-baroque, with perfectly round pearls generally being the most valuable. Akoya pearls are the most common and lustrous of all pearls.

Akoya pearls come in rose, silver/white, cream, gold, and blue/gray. South Sea pearls have a thicker nacre, as they take longer to develop. They are also more rare, and larger than Akoya pearls.

The luster of South Sea Pearls appear more satiny and less mirror-like than that of Akoya Pearls, with a softer iridescence. South Sea pearls most commonly  come in white, silver/white, pink, and gold, but a wide range of other colors as well.

Rarest of all, Tahitian pearls are cultivated off the shores of Polynesia. They are most commonly a blackish gray metallic color. But they also come in a shimmering array of hues such as peacock, eggplant, aborigine, green, olive green, blue, magenta, parchment, lemon and golden orange. Peacock and cobalt blue are the most valuable Tahitian pearls.

Mabe pearls or ‘half pearls’ are ideal for earrings or rings due to their flat back. Their flat back is due to them growing on the inside shell of the oyster, instead of inside its body, like other pearl varieties. They come in a rainbow-like array of beautiful, brilliant colors, the rarest being pink with gold swirls.

Fall in Love with the Magic of Pearls

Whether worn as earrings, in rings, or as a classic pearl necklace, pearls are adaptable and can suit many outfits. Pearls are stately, yet timeless, feminine and fresh. Celebrities known to sport pearls include Rihanna, Heidi Montag, Ashlee Simpson, Princess Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama. In addition Jackie-O and Marilyn Monroe lived in pearls.

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What is Palladium?

Purchase beautiful men's gemstone rings at Allurez.comA lustrous silver-white metal, Palladium resembles platinum and is in the platinum group of metals. It can be used to make white gold alloys, or used on its own for jewelry. Palladium gained popularity in jewelry during times when gold and platinum were scarce and rising in price. Palladium was viewed as a lower cost alternative.

Unlike white gold, Palladium is hypo-allergenic, and tarnish resistant (white gold needs to be treated every few years to keep it from returning to a yellow gold color). Palladium is about the same price as white gold but about 1/5th the price of platinum. It is also much lighter weight than platinum, while also significantly harder, and therefore more durable, standing the test of time with fewer signs of wear.

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What is gold?

palladium wedding bandIt’s shiny, it’s precious and you love it. Gold is a soft, malleable, precious metal that’s been used since the dawn of history for coinage, jewelry, and more recently, for industrial uses like electric wiring and dentistry.

The allure and mystery of gold continues to this day. Gold earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces (chains) and pendants continue to be worn by women throughout the world. Gold warms up both skin tones and hearts.


Why gold is used for jewelry

Other than the fact that it’s gorgeous, gold is perfect for jewelry because it doesn’t tarnish when exposed to air or water and resists corrosion. It is also the most pliable of all metals, which makes it easy for jewelers to twist and turn into all kinds of exotic shapes. Although white gold is very popular for jewelry, gold is naturally yellow, but can be mixed with other metals to become white gold (when mixed with palladium or nickel) or rose gold (when mixed with copper or silver). Pure, 24k gold is so soft, it is usually alloyed with other metals when making jewelry to increase durability.

Symbolism- Yellow like the Sun, the Best of the Best…

Gold is often used in awards ceremonies with medals of honor, such as the Nobel prize and Oscars, being made out of gold or made to look gold. Gold is a symbol of success. It is also used in the language to symbolize goodness and kindness, with terms such as “a heart of gold”. The “golden ratio” and “golden rule” are other terms used that denote gold’s association with perfection. The “golden years” of one’s life are considered the most accomplished and wise. And indeed, gifts of gold jewelry are an excellent way to celebrate them.

Wedding rings are made with gold because gold remains unchanged for eternity, thereby symbolizing the everlasting nature of the wedding vows. Gold is something left from the ancients that we still appreciate today. Given all this remarkable history and traits, it’s understandable people bring out gold when they want to bring out their best.

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What is a cocktail ring?

RM2615XW-08_1Big, flashy, and bold, cocktail rings are designed to get attention. The design is usually a super-sized center stone surrounded by tiny diamonds or gemstones. Their history dates back to the 1940’s and 50’s during Prohibition when cocktail parties were illegal and yet widely thrown among the wealthy. Wearers of the cocktail ring were breaking the law with style.

Today, cocktail rings are worn to awards ceremonies, Hollywood film premieres, the theater, opera, or any dressy, formal occasion the wearer sees fit. Cocktail rings may also be called cluster rings or dinner rings. Given the gargantuan size of the center stone, cocktail rings are expensive; to cut costs they can be made with affordable gemstones, like amethyst, topaz, peridot or garnet. The more common customer aims for a more understated cocktail ring look, with smaller stones. The super wealthy have no problem affording cocktail rings made with diamonds and costly gems and indeed, the tabloids have made it a sport tracking the priciest cocktail rings that the latest celebrities are wearing.

What finger is best for a cocktail ring?

Cocktail rings may be worn on any finger except the left ring finger, which is where engagement and wedding rings are traditionally worn. The right ring finger is the generally the accepted finger to wear cocktail rings on, with the right index finger being next in line. When it comes to “the best” it really has to do with personal style, making any ring acceptable for a cocktail ring if it’s the one you prefer.

Cocktail rings scream glamor and self-assured style. Garnish your next cocktail with a cocktail ring, darling!

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What does a Claddagh ring mean?

A Claddagh ring is an Irish traditional ring that can symbolize whether the wearer of the ring is single, in a relationship, engaged or married. The traditional motif is one of two hands clasping a heart, with a crown on top of that. The heart represents love, the hands represent friendship and the crown represents loyalty. The rings have become a symbol of Irish heritage worldwide and particularly within the United States. They are often handed down from mother to eldest daughter and grandmother to granddaughter when the girl comes of age. They can also be used as friendship, engagement and wedding rings.

The relationship status of the wearer can be determined according to how the ring is positioned and on which hand it is worn. When worn on the right hand, and the point of the heart faces the fingertips, it means the wearer is single and looking for love- turned around the opposite way, with the point of the heart facing towards the wrist, the wearer is in a committed relationship. When worn on the left hand, and the point of the heart faces the fingertips, it means the wearer is engaged- turned around the opposite way, with the point of the heart facing the wrist, it means the wearer is married.

Claddagh rings are full of tradition and history and rich in symbolism.

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