Top Diamond Discoveries of 2014

Diamonds are a mesmerizing example of nature at work. But these diamond finds, of 2014, are more like nature working overtime!

  1. True Blue – a 122.52 carat blue diamond was mined in South Africa. At its 2014 sale, it brought a cool $27 million. Blue diamonds are rare, and one of this size is unheard of.
  1. Double Diamond Delight – It’s rare to mine one 160+ carat diamond. So when two were found in the same mine, that’s a major windfall.  One weighed in at 161.74 carats, while its ‘sibling’ tipped the scale at 162.06 carats.
  1. 90+ Carats of Diamond Dazzle- An ultra-rare Type IIa diamond was found in Angola strutting a weight of 95.45. No further word on its quality, but the stone is an irregular shape measuring an astounding 25mm by 20mm by 16mm
  1. South Africa Blue – a 29.9 carat blue rough diamond, found in South Africa, was described as an “outstanding vivid blue with extraordinary saturation, tone, and clarity, and has the potential to yield a polished stone of great value and importance.”
  1. Finders Keepers – This is more about the story, than the diamond yielded. A lucky 14 year old found a 3.85 canary yellow diamond while visiting Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas. Anyone who finds a diamond gets to keep it at this brilliant park!

yellow diamond band

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What Makes Personalized Jewelry So Alluring?

There’s nothing quite like that piece of fine jewelry, customized to your exacting specifications. Unlike clothes, perfumes, etc., jewelry makes a valued and durable gift, perfect for any occasion. Personalized jewelry brings enjoyment to the wearer for many years to come.

Custom jewelry is an even more valuable possession given that it is designed and made to reflect who you are. Any piece of jewelry that incorporates a name, birthstone or other individualized specifics, like child’s initials, year of marriage, etc., make enduring gifts for your loved ones. Personalized jewelry also reflects the gift giver’s thoughtfulness in planning ahead to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

Made especially for you, personalized jewelry is designed to let you publicly (or otherwise), declare any text that holds a special meaning to the wearer. An engraved bar necklace, monogrammed pendant necklace, wedding band with date of marriage inscribed on the inside, pendant shaped in the cursive text form of the name, monogrammed signet rings etc. are examples of personalized jewelry.

Personalized jewelry always holds special meaning to the wearer because it is a one-of-a-kind piece that also tells a story – making it a unique style statement and impressive conversation starter.

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Crazy Jewelry Stories over the Holidays 2014

Opal or Rifle – Take Your Pick!

We are certain that nothing can top this weird and whacky Georgia jeweler’s Christmas give-away. At the annual raffle organized by the jeweler, the top prize was a choice of an opal and diamond pendant valued at $2400 or an AR-15 rifle worth $1000. The jeweler specified that if the rifle were chosen, the winner would have to pass necessary background checks.

Ancient Menorah Bracelet

In the thick of Hanukkah celebrations in late December last year, Archeologists in Israel excavated a glass bracelet that had motifs of menorah. The bracelet dates back to around 1700 years ago, belonging to the late Roman or early byzantine period.

Twinsies in Pink and Pearls

Lady Gaga and Asia stepped out together in New York City wearing matching pearls and pink manicures. For the uninitiated, Asia is Lady Gaga’s French bull dog!

Most Expensive Holiday Gifts

Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather- one of the highest paid athletes in the world – spent quarter of a million dollars ($250,000) in New York City buying holiday bling for everyone on his gift list. A diamond tennis necklace and bracelet, a diamond studded watch and a diamond pendant were few of his extravagant purchases!

Out of this World Diamond

A U.K. jeweler blew up $20,000 last August as part of a whacky publicity gimmick. The jeweler let loose a 1.14 carat diamond worth $20,000 in a helium balloon that treasure hunters scrambled to find. Hopes of it being found were almost dashed until a retired truck driver’s pet dogs sniffed out the jewel a couple of months later. The couple plan to sell the “beautiful diamond” to fund an anniversary cruise vacation!

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Top February Birthstone Jewelry

Happy birthday February babies; amethyst is your birthstone. This purple gemstone is believed to bring peace of mind to the wearer, and help eliminate worry.

Look through our absolutely flaunt worthy amethyst jewelry “Birthstone of the Month” selection to choose the perfect amethyst gemstone gift.

Diamond and Amethyst Pear Shape Drop Earrings 14K White Gold (6.08tcw)

Pick these amethyst drop earrings topped by the crowning glory of dazzling diamonds for your princess.











Butterfly Diamond & Amethyst Engagement Ring 14k White Gold (0.20ct)

Pop that proposal question to your Aquarian lady with an amethyst and diamond engagement ring accented with a gorgeous butterfly design.








Oval Amethyst Link Bracelet 14k White Gold February Birthstone (13.60ctw)

This mesmerizing tennis bracelet set in the February birthstone are perfect to wrap her around your finger.









Cushion-Cut Amethyst and Diamond Earrings in 14k White Gold

Dazzling, exquisite and always regal, these amethyst and halo diamond studs is sure to set her heart aflutter.









Amethyst Gemstones by the Yard Station Necklace 14k White Gold 2.25ct

Great as layering necklaces, amethysts by The Yard make the most of that interesting neckline.











Amethyst & Diamond Dangle Drop Earrings 14k Yellow Gold (10.25ct)

You can’t go wrong with the interesting interplay of purple, white and yellow colors in these amethyst and diamond statement earrings.









Heart Shaped Amethyst & Diamond Ring Halo 14K White Gold 5.41ct

For your lady love, here’s a striking amethyst heart shaped ring that’s sure to set her swooning.










Clover Amethyst & Diamond Byzantine Pendant 14k Yellow Gold (8.91ct)

Wear this byzantine inspired amethyst and diamond pendant with clover leaf detail for good luck.












Amethyst Eternity Stackable Ring Band 14K White Gold (0.75ct)

On every woman’s wish list, stackable rings studded with amethysts make for thoughtful gifts.










Amethyst & Diamond XOXO Link Bracelet 14k Yellow Gold (6.65ct)

Send some hugs and kisses her way with this lovely amethyst and diamond bracelet in a unique XOXO design.










Search our complete birthstone jewelry collection anytime. And for the hottest birthstone of the month styles, check our monthly blog.

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Top Jewelry Trends for 2015

For the fashionista who likes to stay on-trend, we have put together our picks of top jewelry trends that are likely to dominate 2015. Toss out the unpredictability and randomness in your pursuit for trendy jewelry. Read on to learn about our top jewelry trends for 2015.

Reds, browns, pinks – Jewelry inspired by the dual tone Marsala – Pantone’s Color of the Year – will surely rule the roost. Consider accessorizing with garnets, tourmalines, pink sapphires, rubies or even brown hued stones like smoky topaz, smoky quartz, champagne diamonds or chocolate pearls to complement that Marsala themed outfit.

Yellow gold – Say aloha again to yellow gold. The price of the sunshiny metal has continued to drop the past two years. Dominating the red carpet at the 2014 Golden Globe and Oscars, we predict that yellow gold jewelry is likely to remain popular in 2015.

Layered look – The Spring 2015 runways saw the return of the retro chic of the 70’s. The bohemian silhouettes of the ‘70s mean necklines that are tantalizing to say the least. Layering necklace styles make fail-safe additions to your jewelry collection.  Consider multi-strand, single strand necklaces, chokers, bar necklaces, etc., which make the most of that interesting neckline.

Stackable rings –Stackable rings make great mix and match accessories. They make colorful, layered looks for your fingers making them not only a 2015 style choice, but also a classic style trend that’s here to stay.

Bohemian designs –Think ‘70’s. Think bohemian, whimsical, abstract motifs and designs for jewelry. Dreamy, nature jewelry or geometric, abstract jewelry are likely to create inspiring looks that’ll surely turn heads.  

Colored diamonds & gemstones – Whether your inspiration is hot couture or trends in celebrity jewelry choices, the writing on the wall is crystal clear. Continuing from last year, we are likely to see gemstone and colored diamond jewelry retain their popularity in the coming year.

ENR8671-14WVintage jewelry – The old will continue to inspire us in 2015. Baguette cut diamonds, Art Deco, antique milgrain edged jewelry will be alive and well in the coming year. Go ahead and reprise that heirloom jewelry that grandma left behind or buy that antique jewelry that’s surely going to be a conversation starter.

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