What is a Boyfriend Watch?

Just when you thought women had already borrowed everything from a man’s wardrobe, from boyfriend jeans, to boyfriend letter jackets of old, boyfriend watches have emerged. What exactly are these popular wrist watches? Before we begin, let’s clear one thing up, you are not necessarily borrowing your man’s watch, in fact, that’s cheating, you should be buying your own, with a hip style all its own.

Now to the question of what exactly is a boyfriend watch. Simply stated, it’s a timepiece made for a woman with many male watch features including a more “masculine” face and hand treatment, larger in size, lots of electronic gadgets, chunkier bands, cool stainless accents, etc. Often, boyfriend watches mimic a man’s watch as much as possible, while adding decidedly feminine accents like diamonds, pink faces, colored bands, etc.

Over Sized Boyfriend Watches for Under Sized Budgets

Afraid this boyfriend watch bonanza is just a fad. No worries, you can pick up a new men’s style watch without breaking the bank. Many famous name brands, as well as private labels, (Allurez watches for instance) have quality timepieces at all different cost levels. Just be sure not to sacrifice great quality for just another pretty face!

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5 Ways to Make Your Diamond Ring Appear Larger

A recent consumer poll found out that a fifth of women (engaged, married, divorced) were disappointed by their man’s proposal. Topping the list of reasons for a proposal gone wrong is that the engagement ring was too small. If your budget is small, don’t sweat. Use our bag of tricks to cheat that budget and make that diamond ring look larger.

Mind your C’s

So if a proposal’s been on your mind for some time, we’re pretty sure you are, by now, the local expert on the 4 C’s of diamond quality.

But, we bet you didn’t consider this…all other things being equal, visually there’s little difference between a 0.99 carat diamond and a full carat. But behind these innocuous numbers can hide a significant price difference. Diamonds in “magic sizes” – half carat, three-quarter carat, and a carat – are popular. Aim for that sweet spot lower than these “magic sizes” and you may be able to reduce that price tag.Color and clarity charts for diamonds

Center Diamond Shape

Elongated shapes like the marquise, pear, oval or the right angles of the square princess cut create an illusion of a larger diamond for the same carat weight. Also princess cut stones involve minimal waste during shaping because the shape lends to the natural lines of the crystal. This translates into a better overall price for the princess shaped diamond engagement ring.

Engagement Ring Settings

Cheat your budget by picking the most efficient setting. Go for a smaller center stone in a halo setting. The smaller diamonds encircling the center rock in the halo setting spell opulence in comparison to a simple solitaire with a larger diamond. Another option to explore is the cluster setting that groups many smaller diamonds to magnify the brilliance and overall size. Another clever innovation to consider is the illusion setting where the diamond is mounted onto a mirror like plate before being set into the band, making it look larger with more brilliance.

The Sidekicks

ENR6324-DBS-14WNothing enhances your center diamond than side stones or a thin pave set diamond band. Gemstones make alluring additions to the 3 stone engagement ring too while bringing down the price. You may also consider a thin white band of pave set diamonds to accompany that smaller solitaire to create an aura of luxury minus the hefty price tag.

Bands of white

Set your diamonds in a pure white metal band in platinum or white gold to reflect the color-less diamond’s brilliance to the hilt. White metal creates an optical illusion of a larger stone, in the same way mirrors lend space to a small room.

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Different Ways to Wear a Brooch

A brooch? Even the word sounds old and tired, but the brooches themselves are anything but. The passé brooch, as an ordinary “pin” on the front of a blouse, has been replaced as a wedding day favorite, a signature accessory for your accessories, celebrity favorites and more.

Wedding Brooches

Perhaps the most popular way to wear a brooch on your wedding day, is in your hair. There are special combs available that the brooch can attach to, which can then be put into your bridal hairdo. Bring it to your hair trial day so you’ll know exactly where it needs to be placed on your special day.

Another wedding day brooch idea is displaying it on your wedding gown. Attach an antique style brooch to a silk belt or ribbon near the waist or bodice. If you have a vintage heirloom that you’d like to show off on your wedding day,  pin it to your bouquet or on your purse. Many brides also use a brooch as their “something old” or “something blue”.

Dress It With a Brooch

The brooch is a perfect accessory for any dress and it’s also great for V-necks

  • Wear a brooch on the bodice of your dress or at your waist
  • Accentuate you bust line by placing an attractive brooch at the bottom of your natural “v”
  • Dress up that little black dress with a well-placed butterfly or flower brooch
  • If your dress is a bit big gather the extra fabric in the back and pin it with a brooch at the back

Brooch Accessories for Your Accessories

It’s a great way to bedazzle any accessory. The brooch can be used as a hat pin, embellishments for boots & gloves, scarf pins, bag glam and glitz for belts.

Celeb Approved Brooches

  • Nicole Kidman often wears jewelry in creative ways, like wearing a brooch between the back straps of her gown
  • Gwen Stefani was spotted wearing a brooch as a hair clip
  • Elisa Sednaoui pins a vintage-inspired brooch to a button-up top
  • Freida Pinto wore a rich, red suit with a black and gold butterfly brooch
  • The Duchess of Cambridge often wears a flower brooch

Find your perfect brooch. Rock it and be sure to pin it on our pintrest or facebook page.

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A Guide to Earring Backs

Earrings add that little extra panache, the finishing touch to any outfit. With so many pierced earring styles to choose from, chances are that within your earring collection, you have most some, if not all, of the following earring backs.

Do you know all the names for the thingamabobs that hold your earrings in place?

Here’s a guide to help you along.

Push Back

The most common type of earring backs are the push backs, also called friction backs. They are a totally uncomplicated back commonly used for studs and light weight drops or dangles. Firmly place the earring in its place and slide the back right up the earring post until it’s secure, then you’re done.

Screw On

Screw backs provide a bit more security than push backs. Unlike push backs, screw back earrings have a grooved, rough post that requires you to literally screw on the back.


Also known as fishhooks or shepherd’s hooks, these hook-shaped earring backs, are thin and twisted, easily fitting through the ear. These earwire backings are used with drop earrings, relying on the weight of the earring to keep it secure, in its place.

Lever Back

Lever backs are very similar to earwires, with the addition of a metal latch that goes over the curved piece to hold your earring in place. Lever backs are known for their comfort, especially for drop of dangle earrings.

Diamond EarringsLatch Back

Latch backs (also known as clip/posts) feature hinged posts with a straight post insert, along with an additional hinged backing to hold it in place. Other latch-back earrings have a post that doesn’t move. The post goes straight through the ear and then slides right into a hole on the other side of the earring to create a continuous loop. Most often, these backings are reserved for hoop earrings.

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What is the meaning of Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

The true meaning of any engagement ring is in the eyes of the bride and groom. And, although the same is true of yellow diamond engagement rings, the unique color of this diamond itself has special meaning.

yellow diamond bandYellow Diamonds Shine with Love

The color yellow is associated with so many positive things including sunlight, new beginnings, happiness and hope. Yellow diamonds, like all fancy and white conflict free stones, are symbolic of commitment and love. Together the yellow diamond engagement ring is filled with love, passion, commitment, prosperity and joy.


Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings:Make ‘em Shine

The best way to show off your alternative bridal, canary yellow diamond engagement ring, is to set it high, preferable in a prong setting.  For maximum brilliance from every angle choose a setting that doesn’t block this beautiful stone.

A yellow diamond engagement ring is a truly elegant way to start your bright future as one.

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