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Model Gigi Hadid at Coachella 2019. Photo: Instagram. Category 2 / Jewelry News

People come to Coachella in California’s Colorado Desert for the music but they go just as crazy over the fashion, racking their brains over what to wear and what’s in style now. Some people go with the minimalist look while others go over-the-top or dress totally Bohemian (a common look at Coachella). Whatever your style is, just know that all celebrities at Coachella brings their...

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Seashell Diamond Pendant 14k Yellow Gold (0.18ct) by Allurez. Trending Jewelry

The warm weather gets us so excited to be outside, soak up the sun and put away all those heavy sweaters and coats that we needed in the winter. Spring is the time to pull out the fun prints, colorful outfits and match them with great pieces of jewelry. A number of trends are popping up in the jewelry world this spring, including shell jewelry,...

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