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September Birthstone: Sapphire Jewelry, Its Meaning and Gift Ideas Birthstone Jewelry

With its rich blue color, the sapphire, September’s birthstone, is loved by many. There’s so much to learn about the beautiful jewel and here all the important info you need to know about the beloved gemstone before you make a purchase, or just for your own knowledge! Sapphires: about them and their meaning This gemstone is believed to represent truth, sincerity, integrity, loyalty and nobility, according...

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Birthstone Jewelry

Rings are the most common form of jewelry, yet they are the premier trend setters in the industry. A stunning ring will make a statement. Though, if the ring is seriously trendy be ready for that particular design or gem to become a hit in the current or upcoming season. Some of the most popular metals for rings are the more traditional platinum and various...

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