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The Many Facets of Citrine Gemstone Jewelry

Uncovering the mystery Citrine is a unique stone with a mystery all its own. Although it comes from the French word for “lemon,” it’s far from sour! Its multifaceted beauty and pale lemon to orange color are associated with success and prosperity. In fact, many merchants keep a piece of Citrine in their cash register to attract wealth. Timeless Luxury Citrine, since its discovery has...

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Citrine Jewelry – The November Birthstone Birthstone Jewelry

Most people view the mineral known as quartz as a somewhat unappealing stone. These same folks might have an entirely different opinion about the beauty of citrine, with its lovely pale yellow to deeper brown hues, but this stone is actually a variety of plain old quartz as well. It is a gem that is actually quite rare in the natural world, and many pieces...

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