Aquamarine and Aries Zodiac Jewelry in Honor of March

Oval Aquamarine & Diamond Accented Earrings 14k White Gold (7.10ctw) by Allurez.

March’s birthstone, aquamarine, is probably the best gemstone to represent the transition from winter to spring. Think of the blue as representing clear blue skies, the falling rain and “April showers” that mark springtime and even the snow we hope to leave behind.

Such a versatile gemstone, it’s an uncommon choice for an engagement ring or wedding band, unless you’re looking for a non-traditional option. But while you won’t find many people rocking an aquamarine engagement ring, it’s beautiful pastel shade of blue appeals to many for other pieces of jewelry, such as a cocktail ring or earrings. The fact that it grows in large, six-sided crystals that can be up to a foot long also makes it a good gem for cutting and polishing into larger carats, which is desired in statement pieces of aquamarine jewelry. 

According to Julie Abouzelof, the founder and owner of Moonrise Crystals, which provides an encyclopedia of information about crystal healing, science, and sourcing, the meaning of colored gemstones date back thousands of years. She told, “They believed that the ring finger of the left hand had a special vein, which the Romans later dubbed the vein of love, running directly to the heart.” So if you select a gemstone for your engagement or wedding ring, you’re choosing certain energies to enter your life and your marriage, reported.

The publication said regarding aquamarine that it is “symbolizing courage and communication, [and] this gemstone reminds you to express your love for one another on a daily basis—be it through words or actions.”

Aquamarine is a color variety of the mineral beryl and iron gives it its blue hue, although it comes in a color range of greenish blue to blue. The gemstone ranks 7.5 to 8.0 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, making it a pretty durable and therefore a popular choice for many people when it comes to jewelry.

The name aquamarine comes from a combination of two Latin words: aqua (meaning water) and marina, (meaning the sea, a reference to it being the color of the ocean).

Famous aquamarine jewelry includes the aquamarine ring and bracelet set owned by the late Princess Diana. Also one of Queen Elizabeth II’s largest tiara is The Brazilian Aquamarine Parure Tiara. The latter’s fondness of aquamarines began with an aquamarine necklace and a pair of aquamarine earrings that were gifted to her in 1953 by the president of Brazil as a coronation gift.

Princess Diana’s aquamarine ring actually has an interesting tale behind it. She originally chose a massive sapphire and diamond ring as her engagement ring after Prince Charles proposed (he proposed without an engagement ring and let her design her own afterwards). However after the couple divorced in 1996, Diana replaced the sparkler on her left ring finger with an emerald cut aquamarine ring with solitaire diamonds that was set in 24-karat gold. It was reportedly commissioned by the princess herself and is now worn by Meghan Markle, who is married to Diana’s son, Prince Harry. Markle famously stepped out in her reception dress wearing the aquamarine ring at her wedding to Prince Harry in 2018.

Check out our favorite aquamarine and zodiac jewelry for March.

Two Stone Dangling Aquamarine & Diamond Earrinsg 14k White Gold by Allurez.

Aries Disk Zodiac Pendant Necklace 14k Yellow Gold by Allurez.

Aquamarine & Diamond Engagement Ring 14k White Gold (3.32ct) by Allurez.

Aries Coin Zodiac Bracelet 14k White Gold by Allurez.

Pear Shape Aquamarine and Diamond Cocktail Ring 14k White Gold by Allurez.

Aquamarine Tennis Heart Link Bracelet 14k White Gold by Allurez.

Diamond Aries Zodiac Constellation Star Ring 14k Yellow Gold by Allurez.

Aquamarine Gemstones by The Yard Station Necklace 14k W. Gold by Allurez.

Aquamarine & Diamond Eternity Ring Band 14k White Gold by Allurez.


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