Sarah Jessica Parker Struts High Style Jewelry

When it comes to the all-encompassing realm of the mainstream media which can help to show off multiple types of current trends and styles, television shows can truly be a great leg up when you are trying to discover something that is both modern and very special to show off what is unique about you. The ultimate question you need to ask yourself after deciding to look at your local evening television line up then comes to which shows you need watch for the best kind of style advice in the form of costume choices. The show Sex and the City is most certainly an easy place to begin your search. This very unique and much loved television program not only shows how to have an amazingly fun time with your best friends in a major city but there is also plenty of high class designer fashion placements all throughout the program. If you really desire to look at the perfect clothes, shoes, and of course the amazingly bright jewelry styles of any given season, checking out one of Sex and the City’s many episodes or one of the two available movies will give you plenty of inspiration to make up your own fashion concepts. All followers of this wildly popular franchise understand that the true queen of the screen (both television and film) comes in the form of fashion icon Carrie Bradshaw played by the always beautiful Sarah Jessica Parker.

Even though the show and movies have wound down as of late, it still has a great deal of influence over the fashion world. Carrie’s black diamond ring that was used for her engagement in the Sex and the City 2 film was actually auctioned off last year, and multiple reproductions have sold like hot cakes ever since they came onto the scene. The real life actress Sarah Jessica Parker is just as fashion forward as her fictional counterpart—even though Sarah’s personal and love lives tend to be a bit more stable. Despite the show being done, you can still eagerly follow the stylistic choices of Sarah to keep on top of current fashion trends, particularly in the area of jewelry. Like any true classy girl, diamonds are certainly her thing. The diamond band that Sarah received from her husband Matthew Broderick is still the talk of the town and inspiration for both engagement rings and fashionable right hand rings. Still, being a fashionista, Sarah knows that color does not have to be kept out of diamonds—just look at the yellow diamond ring she chose to be a stylish cocktail design. Being fashion forward also means that a Diamonds by the Yard necklace is most certainly a great addition to Sarah’s collective jewelry box. When it comes to shimmering like Sarah Jessica Parker, diamonds are the way to go!

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