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The History Behind Love-Knot Designs Jewelry Tips

Love-knot designs are fairly commonplace in the jewelry world, partially for their interesting visual qualities, but more so for their symbolism. Although they are more commonly used as ring designs, it’s not uncommon for love-knots to appear on bracelets, earrings or even pendants. The reason they work so well for rings is because their symmetrical pattern allows the shanks to continue the design around the...

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Gift Ideas

Your wedding day was probably one of the best days of your life, but the anniversaries that follow are to be cherished as well. They are gentle reminders that your love grows stronger year after year, and there is no better way to commemorate this milestone than with a meaningful anniversary gift. You are no doubt familiar with anniversary milestones that include materials like paper...

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10 Non-Floral Centerpieces For Your Wedding Wedding

When we talk about wedding table centerpieces, the first thing that pops into our minds is the floral centerpieces. Although floral centerpieces are adorable, elegant and beautiful, there are also some non-floral centerpieces that can decorate your tables in unique and specific ways that will truly impress your wedding guests. Terrarium Try to capture the wild world into a little glass box. The best thing...

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