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Princes cut diamond stud earrings by Allurez. Category 2 / Jewelry Tips

  It’s a common mistake to think that a woman needs a lot of jewelry when in reality, some good solid, investment pieces is all you need. Some fall prey to the trend cycle and buy what they think is in style that season, only to no longer be interested in the same piece of jewelry the next season. You may have owned a number...

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Minimalist Jewelry to Wear During the Coronavirus Lockdown, All Under $500 Trending Jewelry

While we’re all here living in sweats and loungewear during our self-quarantines, we may still want to wear jewelry, but nothing too over the top. Minimalist pieces are a perfect choice to wear with your comfy outfit as you get through your low-key day. Shopping trends during this worldwide pandemic has definitely shifted more towards athleisure and household items, with both seeing a surge in demand, but...

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