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Gemstone Jewelry

As with anything, there are the facts you know and facts you don’t. To make matters even more difficult, sometimes the facts aren’t facts at all. Somewhere in between folklore and frivolity lies the truly fun stuff.  So here are a few fun things you might not know about Blue Topaz. Blue Topaz is the birthstone of December Topaz cools down boiling water Blue topaz...

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December Gemstone: Blue Topaz Birthstone Jewelry

December has arrived, and for those of us living North of the equator, it’s time to dig out your heaviest coats and scarves to avoid the freezing, dreary weather. It’s also a time for holidays, family, spreading joy, and seeking out warmth in every sense of the word…and in that respect, Topaz is a most fitting birthstone for December. Facets of Time: Topaz’s Natural History...

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