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March’s Birthstone Aquamarine and Everything That’s Special About It Birthstone Jewelry

            March’s birthstone is aquamarine and there are a lot of interesting facts about the blue stone. Aquamarine has a hue that ranges from pale to deep blue. It is most often light in tone but the color usually looks more intense in larger stones. March in fact has two birthstones associated with it, the second being bloodstone (a dark-green...

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Aquamarine – March Birthstone Birthstone Jewelry

Happy birthday you lucky March babies….your birthstone is Aquamarine….the sign most often associated with the sea and its lovely aqua color. Originally believed to protect sailors, Aquamarine gemstones are also the stone that’s mystical qualities include levelheadedness and calm. A truly stunning stone of earth’s creation, Aquamarine translates to “sea water” aptly named for its lucid color, reminiscent of the turquoise waters of the Caribbean...

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