Anniversary Gift Ideas Anniversary Ideas

Anniversary gifts can be tricky because there may be a higher level of expectation than anticipated. For instance, someone may think that an 8th anniversary is just as relevant as the “hallmark” anniversaries such as the fifth, tenth and twentieth. This means that it is always a good idea to have some real “standout” gifts in mind, and jewelry tends to be one of the...

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How To: Buy an Engagement Ring Engagement Rings

So, you are going to “pop the question” and you need to go out and get the best engagement ring possible. This is not actually as easy as it might seem. For instance, you have to take the personal style of the lady in question under serious consideration. Once you start looking at the many different types of engagement rings available, however, you may wonder...

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The Popularity of Hidalgo Jewelry Designer Jewelry

Have you caught on to the incredibly popular trend in Hidalgo stackable and pave set rings? If not, you may be slightly overwhelmed when you check out what this company has to offer. These trendy and stylish rings are available in a huge range of designs and can be worn as formal wedding jewelry as well as everyday fashion statements too. What makes Hidalgo designer...

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Citrine Jewelry – The November Birthstone Birthstone Jewelry

Most people view the mineral known as quartz as a somewhat unappealing stone. These same folks might have an entirely different opinion about the beauty of citrine, with its lovely pale yellow to deeper brown hues, but this stone is actually a variety of plain old quartz as well. It is a gem that is actually quite rare in the natural world, and many pieces...

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Stackable Rings: Layers of Fashion Rings

Fine jewelry is always changing and evolving.  Looking into the needs and altering styles of fashion, personal adornment in the form of precious metals and jewels has to look deeply into the past and to current ideas for inspiration.  Wearing more than one band on a person’s fingers is not a new thing, but it has recently surged back onto the fine jewelry scene.  Since...

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Jewelry in Full Bloom: Rose Gold Rose Gold

While people have been using white gold and yellow gold as metallic choices in their jewelry for ages, many individuals have started to wonder what else is out there for personal adornment lately.  Rose gold was their answer.  This amazingly special metal is becoming one of the most popular ways to create and accent jewelry since it was practically ignored for most of the twentieth...

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