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The jewelry fashion world has loved colored gemstones for a very long time.  The concept of colored glass in the place of a real gem with coloring was a very popular one until modern science allowed for longer lasting synthetic stones which are filled with multiple shadings and do not shatter at the least impact.  Yet, diamonds will always be the best precious gemstone available...

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Rings / Unique Jewelry

When people think of diamonds, they tend to picture a large crystal clear gem that sparkles brilliantly under florescent lighting and signals an eternal love.  The only time color comes into play is when light hits the angles of the gemstone just right to cause a type of prism effect that allows for several colors to reflect on nearby objects.  However, the rise in popularity...

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Stackable Rings: Layers of Fashion Rings

Fine jewelry is always changing and evolving.  Looking into the needs and altering styles of fashion, personal adornment in the form of precious metals and jewels has to look deeply into the past and to current ideas for inspiration.  Wearing more than one band on a person’s fingers is not a new thing, but it has recently surged back onto the fine jewelry scene.  Since...

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