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Jewelry Tips

It’s shiny, it’s precious and you love it. Gold is a soft, malleable, precious metal that’s been used since the dawn of history for coinage, jewelry, and more recently, for industrial uses like electric wiring and dentistry. The allure and mystery of gold continues to this day. Gold earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces (chains) and pendants continue to be worn by women throughout the world. Gold...

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Best Metal for Engagement Rings Engagement Rings

The time has finally come. You’re getting engaged. Congrats! Now, let’s get to work. Before you choose anything else, you’ve got to decide what type of engagement ring she’ll love most. Part of that answer has to do with this question: what kind of metal is best? Here’s a rundown of your possible metal choices for any fine piece of jewelry. Precious Platinum Platinum is...

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