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Pear Shaped Peridot and Diamond Pendant Necklace 14k White Gold by Allurez. Birthstone Jewelry

August babies have a few options when it comes to their birthstone! In 2016, August joined June and December as the one of the three calendar months represented by three gemstones. Read more to see what they are! August’s three birthstones The original birthstone for August was sardonyx, which has alternating layers of sard and onyx (two types of the layered mineral chalcedony) and is...

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Peridot, the official August birthstone, has been mined for around 4,000 years and is spoken of in the bible, under pitdah, its Hebrew name. The peridot gemstone was especially enjoyed by the Egyptians, and was known as the gem of the sun. Worn to ward off evil spirits, this lovely pale green precious stone does not disappoint when set in a unique piece of gemstone...

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It is believed that Napoleon gave Josephine a piece of peridot jewelry as a symbol of his love. You can do the same with the August birthstone, Peridot, the gemstone of the sun, in its mystical shades of green. Cushion-Cut Peridot and Diamond Pendant Necklace 14K White Gold (7mm) Style# CBP183 Half-Eternity Pave-Set Thin Peridot Stacking Ring 14k White Gold (0.65ct) Style# IR945 Asscher Cut...

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