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Emerald Gemstone Fun Facts Birthstone Jewelry

If you’re born in May, turn everyone green with envy because Emerald is your birthstone. If you are celebrating your 20th, 35th, or 55th wedding anniversary, do consider enduring jewelry gifts of emeralds. You might have already guessed that the iconic green color of this gemstone which signifies spring and rebirth, makes it a perfect May birthstone. Now read on for a few interesting fun...

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Emerald – The Queen of Gems, May’s Birthstone Birthstone Jewelry

Happy Birthday May Babies If you were lucky enough to be born during the month of May, you claim emerald as your birthstone. It’s the envy of all other gemstones with its many shades of green. Emerald green is a color that is synonymous with prosperity, as well as rebirth and renewal. It’s the color of spring, a time when brown grass begins to turn...

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