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1.09ct Diamond & 4.38ct Ruby 14k Rose Gold Earrings by Allurez. Birthstone Jewelry

If you’re a July baby then the ruby, the king of all gems, is your birthstone, and it’s not hard to see why it has achieved such royal status. The ancient Sanskrit word for ruby translates to “king of precious stones” and the gemstone has become one of the most prized throughout history, symbolizing love, bravery and wealth. Next to diamonds, they’re one of the most expensive...

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Red Ruby: The July Birthstone Birthstone Jewelry

July’s birthstone is the gorgeous Red Ruby, which has been one of the most popular gemstones for centuries and is considered a precious stone. Rubies are highly prized, and frequently seen in necklaces, earrings, and, since it represents romance and immortality, engagement rings. I’ve compiled a list of some fun facts about rubies you might have not known, along with some of Allurez’s top ruby...

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