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Conflict-Free Diamonds, an Allurez Promise! Jewelry Tips

Did you know an Allurez diamond is truly rare, from its origin to its appearance? Only 0.01% of the world’s diamonds meet Allurez’s standards to be used in our fine jewelry. That being said, at Allurez one of the most important measures we take in purchasing our diamonds, is to purchase diamonds from conflict-free nations. In 2006, many of us sat, in theaters, in awe...

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Jewelry Tips

Conflict gemstones and diamonds (popularly referred to as ‘blood diamonds’) are mined in countries filled with civil wars and unrest. The money received from the sale of these stones is used to fund rebel movements and warlords. In an effort to stop these practices,  the UN has put sanctions on these diamonds, making the sale of such gemstones and diamonds illegal. Conflict free diamonds and ethically...

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