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Queen Emerald: The May Birthstone Birthstone Jewelry

Happy Birthday to all those born in May! Your birthstone is the queen of all gems, the Emerald. Just as the Emerald represents fertility, rebirth, and springtime so, too, does May. In fact, the month of May is named after the Greek Goddess Maia who symbolizes those very characteristics. Additionally, as legend has it, travelers wore Emeralds as a token of luck for dangerous journeys...

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Birthstone Jewelry

Which girl doesn’t like to indulge in diamond jewelry?  But if you have an April birthday, luck’s in your favor because diamonds are your birthstone. And where there’s diamond jewelry, there’s bound to be a number of choices. To help you wade through the sea of options and find that perfect piece of jewelry for that April born lady, here’s help. Our list of top...

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